Halo Infinite - Keyboard/Mouse Controls Setup

Okay, so obviously testing phase, bugs are expected, crashes are expected, etc, etc, I braced myself so I can report them accordingly and whatnot.

Well, first issue is right out the gate before I’ve even got into the game proper. Setting up controls. I don’t use Default K/M controls, I hate defaults, always have. For whatever reason, the game can’t seem to comprehend that. If I try to change some controls around, the game crumbles. It either doesn’t set the control and/or unbinds what’s currently there without adding the new one I wanted, or it’ll crash outright.
So far I’ve gotten down far enough to ‘Switch Weapon’, but the game is reeeeaaaally struggling with this idea that I want to make playing it slightly more pleasant for myself.

I’ve reported it of course, but I do wonder if this is an issue for any other PC players, or if I’m this unicorn that rebinds controls all the time and am the only one getting this issue.
I mean obviously I can play with default controls, or even use a controller, but hey, I got invited with a PC key, I wanna play/test with keyboard and mouse the way I would play.