Halo Infinite just lost 100,000 players

Halo Infinite has reportedly lost 100,000 players, give or take, in a recent player base statistic. I’m concerned with Halo Infinite’s performance outside of the veteran player fanbase. If 343 doesn’t fix everything soon, there may be nothing to fix.

Link to statistic here:


I don’t know people are concerned.

It would make less sense if it didn’t drop.

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We just went back to MCC

Wake me… when you need me


That’s Nice :+1:
Don’t remember askin’ though…


Do you think…

The lack of content
All the issues Infinite has
The forced cross-play
The new model
The lack of communication
The barebone open world
All the false promises etc…

Has anything to do with it?

This is 343"s own doing. Maybe we’ll get lucky and the entire player base will drop off so they can wake the hell up.


Of course. I never said that that wasn’t the case. Seriously, there are only about 30k players on Infinite as of last month. I’m concerned because if 343/Microsoft loses the player base, there will be NO reason to try and update/fix all of the issues that your addressing. It’s important.

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I was just throwing what I said out there, nothing else.

A lot of this has to do with the higher-ups. They seriously need to get rid of this new model, and stop tying everything to the battle pass.

Those 2 things alone has ruined this game.


A lot of things have ruined this game. But honestly this is the MOST promising of all the 343 games. It’s the most like classic Halo and has kept so many original designs. And I know for a fact that deep down you still like this game because otherwise you wouldn’t care.

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Game play can only go so far.

I’m taking it that they had a lot more issues than they would care to admit before the beta released.

Tbh they shouldn’t have released the game until they had enough content to keep the player base interest. The lack of content has made the game boring, and I can only imagine how disappointed a lot of players are with $60 campaign/barebone open world.

I have no idea what they were thinking releasing an empty game.


Halo 5 is popping off like day 1 of its release, if ya’ll get bored of MCC sometime, feel free to drop by and throw down lol


Can people still obtain the 152 armor coating in infinite?

From what I’ve seen, some people have received it and a vast majority are still awaiting word from 343 Industries on the 152 Coating and other coatings.

  • With what is currently on 343’s plate of priority, coatings or redeemable items are not there primary focus.

100,000 PC Players… … … no biggie.

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I believe you had to get 152 BEFORE your first match in Halo Infinite.
Which is BS if you reached 152 AFTER you played a few matches of Infinite.


That’s helpful to know but now I’m sad because I will never see that coating :frowning_face:

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Absolutely no surprise. The game is a broken mess and all the casuals are dropping like flies on a daily basis. We started as a group of 8 Halo veterans playing every night…and now I’m the last man standing. I’m pretty sure there are hundreds or thousands of groups of friends in similar situations.

This game simply isn’t attractive enough in its current state (in fact it’s actually got worse in many ways since launch) to maintain the attention of gamers that can simply drop it and play something else without hesitation.

Even if you take out the competitive nature of the game (which is particularly unattractive for casual players), there is literally no substance to this game and nothing to maintain prolonged interest due to the progression, challenges, limited game types, broken game types, store, desync, etc. 343i have really dropped a bollock on this one and they only have themselves to blame…and that’s such a massive shame because this game should have swept away the competition for years to come. Epic fail.


FTP games often have pretty big swings in their population, typically rising during events and content drops and dipping when “there isn’t enough to do” or if something is wrong with the state of the game.

When (or “if”, though hopefully not) the prevalent technical issues the game struggles with are addressed you’ll likely see an uptick, with a heavier bump at the launch of season 2.


You don’t want to know how many hours you would have to put in to get a coating that doesn’t even look like the coating they promoted. I’m 147 in Halo5 but the grind for those last 5 levels is nearly as much (or even more) than what it took to get to level 147 in the first place (we’re talking months of daily gameplay).

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And that’s another thing I’m only Sr 60-64

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Never realy kept count