Halo Infinite issues

Visual cues for shield strength are too subtle. When someone is one shot away from a popped shield, or one melee away from death their shields don’t look any weaker than if they have only been slightly damaged. (I think this may be due to how strong the red outlining is) This makes it difficult to make split second decisions about continuing a gunfight or retreating. I lose a lot of gunfights thinking that the enemy player has taken much more damage than they actually have.

Aim assist for game pad is too weak. Mouse/keyboard players are at an advantage with aim assist being practically nonexistent. I play pc, but favor game pad and would rather not have to get good using a mouse to be on a level playing field.

Melee is extremely clunky and seems to have no lunge whatsoever. Sometimes I throw a punch and it lands while being 5 feet away, sometimes I throw one and it misses when I’m literally on top of the person. Melee feels like EA battlefront.

BTB maps are missing heavy vehicles, in favor of large scale gunplay. The whole point of BTB is using tanks, banshees, etc.

BTB maps should give everyone BR75s at start. Assault rifles and sidekicks aren’t cutting it for the distance. It forces you to get extremely close to the enemy team to kill opponents, which means you die. A lot. I think players would appreciate tools for more medium range engagement on BTB maps.

Spawns are pretty bad. I’ve spawned up right in front of enemy players countless times.

Movement speed… it would be fine if aim assist was in proportion to movement speed. With aim assist being so weak it feels impossible to track a moving enemy going side to side at medium distance.

Energy sword… I know this is a nitpick but the sound effects on it are honestly terrible. They have been ever since H4. Please give us the option for classic sound FX for weapons. I love Reaches sword sounds.


The combination of low AA (compared to previous Halo) , a sometimes even buggy aiming and the fast strafe speed (or the lack of inertia) leads often to a gunfight wich feel sometimes too hectic.

I hope 343i fix/tweak that.

This point are also really important for me and a lot of other players.

Here an example what i mean with buggy aim: www.youtubeDOTcom/watch?v=sSMKdFUqg84 (replace DOT with a .)

Yeah, I think they need to really look at reach for examples of gunfights. I know a lot of players don’t like it for a variety of reasons, but the gunplay was very polished in reach and felt smooth. Gunplay in infinite seems like it needs a lot of polishing

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