Halo infinite isn’t that bad you’re litterally wasting time

The game has gameplay (durr) it can be litterally played. You can have fun, you can grind. You just play for no reason- LITTERALLY you only jump into challenges. There is no reward for playing other than a degrading challenge for finishing a match. So the level up system is really silly, and to top it off the game is unfortunately unfinished whether you like it or not. No matter what you say it technically is still an unfinished product. ITS A GAME yes but all that should be there isn’t. They are practically making renovations to the current game which will just add more stuff to the game we have at the moment. The fact it has to be added and not just be there at launch isn’t a big deal. Your opinion is valid but you play and get angry for no reason. You play to progress pointlessly with a sometimes pointless game. And you waste time. The game should had delayed longer but they cared about us. I’m happy and dandy I got a game to begin with. Have fun don’t grind challenges your game sucks, nerd