Halo Infinite is too sweaty for it to be enjoyable by the average person

Not even Quake or Counter Strike are this frustrating to play casually.


Welcome to playing an FPS in 2021. That’s how they are all now. Idk what 343 could even do to address that. It’s just the general attitude of gamers these days trying to be Shroud or something.

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Then get good scrub.


This is the consequence of 343’s skill based matchmaking, which they implement very tightly even in social. They did this in Halo 5 and it was a sweat-fest even in stupid gametypes like Fiesta.

BTB isn’t too bad, but it’s a shame that 343 won’t loosen the SBMM in social. SBMM should only be applied in social to the extent that it prevents teams of players stomping randoms. It should not be applied in its current form, where 343 wants every game to be a 50-49 nail biter. Tense, close games are fun in ranked. They are not fun very often in social.

Original post. Click at your own discretion.

Shouldn’t you be asking your mommy permission before you post online?


Meanwhile I get teammates that are way off in LA LA land while I try to solo carry the oddball to safety… Yeah super sweaty…

I think this argument isn’t great considering players are going to play how they want. I’d rather play with sweats than incompetent idiots. Plus, who know, once the game fully releases, we’ll have a lot less Halo veterans mixed in as well. Hopefully more playlists too to differentiate social and competitive.

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In Ranked? Absolutely! and we don’t want it any other way. Halo is designed to be competitive. Without this competitive nature Halo wouldn’t be Halo.

In non-ranked playlists its pretty casual especially in Big Team matches.

Halo has always been about improving and having fun in the process. If you aren’t willing to at least learn and make an effort to perform better or learn why you are performing bad that isn’t a problem with the game.

There are people that are bronze and think silvers are sweaty, there are silvers and think golds are sweaty etc. However what one considers sweaty changes as one progresses and improves and it all boils down to hey this guy is clearly more experience than me and has played more that’s it.


I have to play with marines bits against 3 humans and 1 odst bots, this games is sooooooo much fun.

Don’t underestimate the Marine bots. They kept killing me one game, with needler too. (though, we won 50-14 I think)

Yeah, the bots really should be better when matched with, so it’s more competitive. They could even use AI algorithms to improve their difficulty based on the score or outcomes of fights. Imagine having bots carry you to victory :rofl:

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comedic gold XD

this forum has went downhill super fast lol


That would be great :joy::joy: but what should i do, with 3 Marine bots against 3 players and one ODST not, i can’t win my oddball games, and it happens very often that all mates leave the game. Like this, i lost the will to play mp, i can’t enjoy halo like this. It doesn’t make fun

Are we seriously complaining about people trying to win a game? Or are we just considering any amount of effort to be “sweaty” at this point?

To be honest and this isnt an attack on you, gaming used to be challenging. A lot of newer gamers want an easy mode on everything, instead of putting in the time to get better. I understand that we all have lives and no one has time to just dump hours into games.

However I think the bigger picture is that 343i does not have the matchmade lobbies set up like how H3 did it back in 2007. We had ranked playlists and social playlists with a multitude of game modes and types to choose from. Now you pick a jumbled up mess and play whatever the random generator gives you. If you ask me thats what makes the game a bit more sweaty than it needs to be.

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i miss just… existing… on blood gulch and all of its clones. Now you cant even leave the base without being eyed by some enemy

Agreed. Social also shouldn’t be forced into playing every single gametype. At least split it into Slayer and Objective. Also the lack of a Rumble Pit is disheartening.