“Halo Infinite is the start of the next 10 years for Halo”

What a joke, at this rate it wont last 1 year never mind 10, the only good part of Infinite so far is the game play, everything else is either very meh or straight up terrible like the progression system, the lack of free earnable cosmetics, the fact that to get all the “Free event” items you need to spend hundreds in the store.

The complete lack of respect towards players time and intellect is something you rarely see to this extent, just because you cut the multiplayer from the main game and advertise it as free while still charging full price for the campaign does not make you the good guys, its obvious that you just couldn’t sell them as one product and then add a shop on top so you make them separate games and pretend that makes it all ok, meanwhile cheaters are running wild in ranked and BTB because they have 0 barrier to entry because of you’re decision to make it free but not back it up with a good anti cheat. Players are not this stupid 343 stop insulting us.

The progression system is laughably bad, why in a sandbox shooter as rich as halo would you ever consider putting in challenges that force people into certain games modes (That you cant que for specifically) or use certain weapons or play the game a certain way and have it as the only way to progress the battlepass in any reasonable amount of time, this goes entirely against the freedom that halo has always had, the daily xp reworks are a step in the right direction but these challenges that force you to play a certain way need to go, give XP based on personal/team performance because right now it feels like I only play Infinite to complete challenges, winning the game always comes in 2nd priority to finishing challenges (unless the challenge is win the game lol)

The monetisation alone has completely ruined it for me, I was more than happy to pay full price for a full game but now with this:
“We’ll cut a full game in half and offer one half for free while still charging full price for the campaign so we can make the store cost what ever we want and not include anything for free to play players because they don’t get to complain when the game is free”

This has put me off so much that where I was going to buy the campaign at full price still, I don’t want to encourage this garbage business model or give my money to blatant liars and scam artists.

So because of this and a general lack of player respect, I just bought xbox game pass for PC for £1 GBP for 3 months which includes the campaign at launch instead of buying Infinite for £50 also with the added upside of now I can also play both halo wars games for no extra cost.
So all in all 343i because of all of the above not only I’m not buying any battle passes or the campaign at full price or anything from the shop but I’m also no longer going to pay to own Halo wars 1 and 2 until you actually DO something to make Infinite better and stop with the blatant lies about how you’re listening to players and have things in the works.
You obviously made this so over the top so that you can make it more reasonable down the road and look like the good guys and trick people into being happy with simply “Better than it was” rather than actually good.
Anyone that is tired of this trash I urge you to vote with your wallet and either don’t buy it at all or do what I did and just get it for as cheap as possible, nothing will change unless their profits also change.

You have made a total of £1 from me for Infinite whereas if you had a full price game with a 3monthly battlepass and no store you would have easily made about £100 from me alone over the next year or so and I know I’m not the only one doing this so I sincerely hope this comes back to bite you in the behind.


I wonder when (…or if) in the next 10 years we’ll get a Slayer playlist ಥ_ಥ

The gameplay is super fun but the mechanics that surround it such as progression really dampen the experience, I truly do hope feedback isn’t just considered but acted on.