Halo Infinite is souless compared to MCC or older Halo, but it CAN be fixed

I have been thinking about this for a while. I loved the game, and I want to believe that Im playing the greatest Halo game moment in years. but every time im starting to feel this way Im stuck with a “MODERN GAMING” moment.

It really feels like 2 completely different teams make the game. One on side we got the awesome cool team that give the old artstyle, awesome multiplayer gameplay that doesnt follow current trends… it creates them, Incredible campaign made with love, great OST and sound effect. different maps layouts and sandbox. I mean, there is a reason why we are still giving feedback to improve the game, otherwise we would just abandon the ship like many had to do with BF or CoD. UI, You like your allies to be green or yellow? Do it. Different weapon pklacement, Do it!

But then there is the other team: the ones that design this to be a crash grab worse than many mobile games. And the effects are that there not “our spartans” anymore. Yes the gear customization options are better, but they are meaningless. Yes you armor is cool, but is because you just spend $20 (or more) a week ago… congrats. Emblems are useless, no longer MY icon, MY spartan visual representation. They are just premade stuff with like 4 color options, honestly they could take them off and it wouldnt matter, they dont represent nothing or anyone. Spartan colors are a joke. They sold the idea of “every spartan unique” but they are just Halo 1 colors. Instead of improving the system they go incredible backwards.

And for people saying “It free” or “how could they get money and pay the new content”… they could, and even better. To keep it simple:

  • Improve the Battlepass so there is a reason to have it (i personally will never buy one again)
  • Sell us color palette with premium colors like “electric blue”, “flood green”, etc. But let us put it on our spartans as we will like it using a armor color scheme (that you can sell / put in the battlepass)
  • Name plates like MCC. that system was great! Your emblem with a name plate on your side… Who ditched that idea?
  • Same as above with weapons / vehicles!

And all of this will help to make every spartan unique and honor the customization system that we all love since Halo 3. And you can definitely get more money.

But thats for me, i needed to vent this out. So frustrated by how 343 threat us. I love the game, I even get the campaign twice (one collector physical copy for my disconnected Xbox One, and one for my PC) and get a new GPU, so im not saying this since a “you hate 343”…

I really want the came to succeed, but I cant recommended to anyone in good faith, the game is a rip-off


I really wanna think that the devs didn’t intend for the monetization and progression to become like this, but ultimately the terms of their execution are up to the marketing team.

The marketing team is the real enemy here, sucking away all the goodwill the fanbase has in 343.
And to make things worst, some players just don’t care and throw money without a care, so the marketing team thinks “YEA THIS IS THE WAY TO MAKE MONEY”

I’m just extraordinarily upset and I feel betrayed. Needless to say, I’m not spending any money in the game until I can actually dictate for myself what I want to buy, how I want to customize and what colour I would like to be. Robbing all of these customization options has no excuse.

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