Halo Infinite is so close to being perfect, but it needs some changes


There won't be a tl;dr of this and I strongly encourage you to read through each one instead of writing it off from one bad take/opinion. If you agree, thats great! If you don't, talk about it; Thats what these forums are for after all, right?

Anyways, that being said…

After playing a total of 47 hours of Halo: Infinites multiplayer beta, alongside the countless hours I put within the insider program, I figured I’d make a huge list of feedback or things that I feel like Halo Infinite needs in order to be a successful game.

I come from a background where Halo: Reach was my first halo game, and I lost count of how many hours I dipped into the custom games or BTB. It was enough to net me to an eclipse rank. I’ve also played Halo 4 and 5, but most of my experience is from Reach, so most of my feedback might reflect that since I wasn’t around for 3 that much and barely played it.

That being said, lets get to the feedback…

Overall, I find Halo Infinite to be the closest I’ve felt what “Halo” has felt like. Halo 5 comes close in regards to what I find to be a severally underrated system of how the guns feel; they feel amazing in that game and so does the gameplay which was overshadowed by its poor campaign and terrible microtransactions with req packs. Halo Infinite is a solid game with near-perfect foundations, but theres a LOT that needs to be said about certain things. So, lets get into it, shall we?

List of Feedback in order (For those who wanna ctrl+f some stuff):

  • Player collision and Friendly Fire
  • Weapons Weapons Weapons
  • Radar
  • Equipment
  • Red Reticle and Bullet Magnetism
  • Sprint
  • Niche Nitpicks
  • Vehicles
  • Fixing color customization

Player collision and Friendly Fire

A huge thing I’d like to talk about is the lack of player collision and friendly fire within Halo Infinite.

For most Halos, friendly fire has been an integral part of the series. It isn’t there just to “troll” or betray someone because they picked up the sniper rifle first, but rather because it prevents very strong aspects of the game from creeping up. What I mean by this is that if you were to use a ordinance weapon (Cindershot, Rockets, Hydra, any grenade, Wraith shot…etc) your teammates wouldn’t be affected by it.

That is a huge problem.

What this means is that it your teammate gets into a close quarters situation, their teammates behind them can just huck grenades without and reprecussion near their allies. This means a LOT of grenade spam, and its something I’ve been seeing a lot on forums/reddit/youtube. The grenades aren’t the issue - its the lack of FF that no longer punishes your team mindlessly tossing a strong element of their kit. This applies to every ordinance weapon in the game.

I firmly believe FF needs to come back in all modes and not just the comp playlist. This was an issue within Warzone that had glaring issues with vehicles spawn camping with their team (since their heavy attacks wouldn’t affect their fellow teammates)

For player collision, it has a similar issue. From what I’ve seen and experienced, the collision hitboxes for enemies seems to allow you to phase through them? I’ve had multiple moments where I’ve hit someone dead on and my fist went through them, or in the rare occurrence where I hit through their bodies and get a ninja medal because the game registered that I hit them on the back. I’m not sure why this game has hitboxs this bad when Halo 4 and 5 had near perfect ones. Is it because of the code that allows you to phase through fellow spartans?..

Another issue with lack of hitboxs doesn’t apply to just the enemy, but your own team. you can run through your own teammate, causing them to waste sniper bullets (Which has happened to me multiple times with the skewer) due to a lack of awareness, or also cause grenades to bounce off of them if they run through you while chasing an enemy. Its infuriating and needs to be changed to how it was in older games.

With that topic out of the way, onto the next one…

Weapons Weapons Weapons

I’d say Halo Infinites weapons, for the most part, are in a pretty good spot. However, there are a few outliers that I want to address.

Assault Rifle
This thing is good, insanely good. I’d say its the best AR we’ve had since Halo 3. However, it almost seems a little too strong, especially at longer ranges. The only thing I’d say is that it needs a very light range nerf, but keep its stomping power.

The commando is weird for me. It takes 11 shots to the body to kill someone, and 8 on the head. The mag is 20, and the ammo you get with it isn’t very much. That isn’t even factoring in the bloom and hard recoil this gun has. I personally think the recoil needs to be changed a bit and the base ammo you get with the gun increased a little, otherwise it fills its niche pretty well.

I have no idea what happened to this gun. It was perfect in the beta from what I played with. I’ve never seen anyone use this gun after the nerfs it got in beta since it takes 3 shots to kill with rather than 2. The charged shot, with how much ammo it eats up, should have MUCH more area to cover. I feel like the nerfs it got should be reversed ASAP.

Plasma Pistol
This weapon had two niches: melting shields and going for a noob combo, and disabling vehicles. It can no longer disable vehicles, making this guns use VERY limited. I understand that shock weapons fulfill that purpose now, but to have this gun have the same performance for nearly 6 games and to suddenly lose its ability to disable vehicles feels…odd? I feel like it should come back considering how rarely we see it in BTB.

Shock Weapons
The shock weapons look and feel amazing. What people don’t know is you can shoot equipment and make it shock everyone around that area. That is insanely cool. What I don’t like about shock weapons, however, is the fact that they can disable vehicles. Honestly, I think dynamo grenades should keep that aspect, but having multiple weapons that can disable vehicles is way too overpowered and should be removed. Maybe keep it working in the campaign as a perk?

I"m sure many have noticed, but the amount of ammo you get in most guns seems to be a bit lower. In older games, the sniper would give you 12 bullets in total to mess around with. In infinite? 8. Same applies to most UNSC weapons. I understand its a sandbox game that encourages you to swap around weapons, but having a BR that goes useless after two or three kills feels pretty bad. It should be buffed up to older values.


I’m going to blunt as this is one of my biggest complaints about this game: This, by far, is THE worst radar out of any Halo game I’ve played. Why on earth is it so small? By the time I see anyone on it, I’m usually dead 7/10 because 3 others popped up on it that I had no idea were there.

The effective range is almost borderline useless. The fact it cannot detect people walking is already a huge red flag. Crouching and being stealthy should be rewarded by not showing up on the radar and not walking as well. I get that people hate sprint and want to reward those who sprint on radar, but people can just mindlessly ape kills by walking since its about as fast as sprint (more on that later) and go for double melees. It rewards bad behavior. It feels so awful in this game when you can’t make a play because four people were just outside of your radar and then you get instantly jumped.

There isn’t much that needs to be said about this one: buff it, please.


This is going to be a short and sweet one: Most equipment in this game feels awesome. The grapplehook, by far, is my favorite ability in this game. It reminds me a lot of Titanfall 2 which is why I love it so much. However, that being said, there is one singular ability that I think needs a fundamental rework, or complete change:

Drop Wall

This is one ability I almost never touch, and for good reason. By the time you deploy it in a pinch, you’re most likely dead by the time it sets up. The health and cover it provides is hard to see, and it usually dies pretty quick. By the time you DO set it up, people will just move to another lane or hide. This ability should honestly be increased in size, or entirely replaced with bubble shield from previous Halos.

Red Reticle and Bullet Magnetism

This is a semi-big one as well.

For those who are on PC, you’ll notice that most marksman weapons have lost their red reticle (essentially showing you that if its red, the bullets WILL land.). This was removed on PC because it deters cheaters away.

https: //imgur .com/yfWQHJH

And, from what we’ve read above, it won’t return.
I strongly disagree with this choice. And, from what i’ve seen from others, they agree as well. Why screw over PC players because of what a few bad apples will do with the code related to it?

It didn’t stop cheaters from cheating since there has been an abundance of them as of late. This choice, and I’m sorry for saying this, feels lazy. I expected so much more from 343 to find a solution that doesn’t involve throwing PC players under the bus. It also screws over people who are using controller on PC since they will not have RR either.

Please, find another solution. This is just bad for your playerbase overall for a problem that isn’t covered 100% by removing RR.

(Also, a small note, but because we don’t have RR on PC, its impossible to tell the trajectory of the Skewer gun because of its innate projectile properties. Console players are able to see this. PC cannot.)

Now, for aim assist/bullet magnetism, a recent post on reddit showed just how far apart the relationship is in terms of accuracy:

https ://www.reddit .com/r/halo/comments/r3es60/accuracy_stats_for_kbm_vs_controller/

As you can see, the difference is staggering. Now, does that mean aim assist needs to be nerfed? No, absolutely not. I’m a keyboard and mouse player, but I don’t want controller players to have their essential element nerfed because of what PC players feel. No point in making the game feel worse for others, right?

So, what I propose is this: increase bullet magnetism on PC.

Bungie does this for Destiny and most of their older Halo titles. Its why it feels good to shoot a weapon in those games. Even just a little bit of bullet magnetism would solve a LOT of the issues I stated above. Halo is a fun game, so it should feel fun as well. I know a lot of people will disagree with me, but this would help controller players keep their powerful aim assist while PC players would get a more crisp, better-feeling shooter as well.


I realize that sprint is a very touchy subject within the Halo community. Obviously, with Reach being my first Halo, I find sprint to be amazing. However, sprint in this game feels almost pointless to use since it usually punishes you since you show up on radar for using it. I already covered radar and its separate issues earlier, but sprint feels like its only in the game just to slide and get a slight speed advantage.

In my opinion, Halo 5 : Guardians nailed how sprint worked. Because it was locked behind a 60$ pricewall and the negative reception it got, I know a large majority of players didn’t play the multiple that much (Despite the gunplay/gameplay being tremendous,ignoring the req pack system, possibly the best in the series if not for Reach and Infinite).

If you sprinted in Halo 5, it meant your shields wouldn’t recharge. It gave a risk and reward for players who wanted to disengage in a fight, but also put a large target over their head since their shields wouldn’t recharge.

It felt GOOD and it WORKED. It wasn’t nearly as fast as previous Halos, but it didn’t feel borderline useless. It surprises me that sprint in Halo Infinite didn’t adopt this system. I feel like it would have worked a lot better if it had Halo 5s sprint system since it was much quicker and also punished those who ran away.

I doubt any kind of change will come to sprint in Halo Infinite, but I secretly hope that it gets even just a tiny little buff. If this game had Halo 5s sprint system, I’d argue it would be perfect.

Niche Nitpicks

These are things that are arbitrary or didn’t deserve the large segments I want to talk about.

The first thing is melee. Despite the buggy messy its in right now, I feel like the lunge for melee is nonexistent. It really feels like you have to breath down their neck in order to reach out and smack em. I feel like its lunge value should be increased just a tad bit.

The strafe speed in this game seems way too easy to pull off and doesn’t punish the player enough. A/D strafing is the strongest its ever been in this game, but holy hell is it annoying. It feels way too slippery compared to previous instalments.

The marksman glare has been a thing since Halo 5, but I really wish it was removed. I know other games have it, but its out of place in Halo. Snipers should be stealthy and not reveal you to the whole map. I know its for awareness, but your awareness should come from the kill feed and using the cover provided.

Having the pelican drop regular vehicles feels underwhelming. It would be REALLY cool if they dropped enhanced versions, similar to the ones found in Halo 5. That would make me want to go after those vehicles. Same should apply to ordinance drops. It would make it fun and exciting to see what modified power weapon or weapon drops from one in the sky periodically.


Oh boy. This is a big one as well. I understand that 343 wanted to tone down vehicles after their rein in Halo 5 (mostly due in part because of lack of FF, which meant endless wraiths and scorpion bombardment). but, this game it feels like they’re almost nonexsistant.

BTB should be chaotic fun with vehicles charging at each other from both ends. In reality, all you get is…warthogs and a few mongeese. Compared to previous installments, you’d get Scorpions, banshees, Wraiths, ghosts, gauss hog, Revenants, Mantis…etc. List goes on.

BTB feels bad when a game is almost over and only one scorpion spawns, and right on the enemies side. That should never be the case.

What I propose is adding inherent strong vehicles on each side at the beginning of each map on a timer again. As I mentioned earlier, pelicans should still drop vehicles, but enhanced versions of them, similar to the ones we see in Halo 5 (Oni scorpion, oni mantis, etc…) just to spice up the game a little.

As for vehicles in general…what on earth happened? They feel like they’re made of tissue paper, especially the banshee. It feels like if you even hit a few walls with it, it goes into that self destruct mode instantly. Not to mention, the banshee bomb radius is really, really bad. It can’t destroy a Warthog in two shots, and it needs pin-point precision to get a kill with it. Also, where’d the front flip go on the banshee?

To me, if it wasn’t for the lack of FF, Halo 5 had the best vehicle sandbox. All of the vehicles felt wonderful, and they feel extremely nerfed here. Health values for nearly all of them should be buffed across the board.

Fixing Color Customization

Look, I’m sure 343 has had countless threads and feedback regarding their store. I won’t go into too much depth, as much as I would like to.

Rather, I have a suggestion. Why not add palettes that can be used like how Warframe does it? Give players a free color base to use that has the basic colors. Add things like texture maps/grit/shiny stuff to the store or battlepass. Paying 10$ for the color blue is outrageous, especially when its limited to armor cores.

That about sums up everything I have to say. If you’ve read through all of it, thank you. If you liked it, I’m glad. If you don’t, tell me why. Its the forums afterall, and we’re here to discuss that type of stuff, right?



I’ve only gotten half way through this surprisingly well written article sized forum post (awesome formatting OP) but I need to disagree on the drop wall.

The drop wall can make or break fights before they even begin. If you’re battling in the shotgun corridor in Live Fire for example, you can block enemy grenade spam and always land the first shot if you deploy the drop wall just before a fight.

In BTB, if you’re peeking a sniper this thing gives you a chance to de-scope them before the one shot you.

Despite being a shield, the drop wall is a brilliant offensive weapon when you use it in anticipation of a fight. If your opponent has already seen you, it’s probably too late to deploy, play with it a bit when you don’t have any other equipment. It won’t be game-changing but it will save you a few points in slayer.

Otherwise, this has been a good summary of what I’ve seen a lot of other people saying and is very agreeable.

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I agree with you that OP’s review is really well written.

I disagree with you on the drop wall, I think it is too weak and too small. If I pick it up, I don’t use it and change it at first opportunity.

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Interesting take on the drop wall. I never thought of using it the way you’ve described
I’ll have to give it another shot next time im messing around in BTB for sure

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this thread needs a bump. Good information except sprint. Sprint needs to be removed. It doesnt and has never belonged in halo. It adds nothing except resetting a fight with 1 button press.


Thank you!

From what I’ve heard there is no bullet mag thats why the sidekick and commando are so crap.

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Yea, a lot of guns feel really weird without it

Super great post, I read most of it and really enjoy and appreciate your thoughts and opinions

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Real players have more Armor than Weapon drill dummies it’s 8 shots on the head 13 on the body.

I agree with this. You almost never run out of ammo with the spawn weapons, because everyone drops ammo for you, but many of the wall rack weapons definitely need more reloads in them.

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more like they dont do anything

Thank you :smiley:

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Most likely, but you never know, right?

The easy way to sum this up:

Just have dedicated playlists.
Have XP for performance in matches for the battle pass
Have a detailed service record

Literally the foundation is fine, most are okay with the gameplay and only a few weapons need some tweaks like the pulse carbine.

Theres not much that has to be done overall, aside from co-op forge being in later. As for the shop, well, rather than rant on it, its not hard simply not buy something.

Pretty much. Foundations are solid, but a few things need to be worked on