Halo Infinite is One of the Greatest Campaigns to date

I get it that it doesn’t have some stuff from old games but neither did halo 5 or 4. It’s like you guys saw the old character and vehicle designs and immediately had this expectation that it would be Halo 3 all over again. It’s an amazing campaign. The gameplay is so friggin fun. I love the spin on the classic designs. I think the music is killer. I love Zeta Halo, even if it’s missing biomes and vehicles. I’m sure that all will come in time anyways. I think that 343 should listen to the older player fanbase along with the new because the older guys know what made the Halo games great and what needs to happen for that become reality, while the newcomers should also be listened to (not excluded) for what makes Halo relevant again and how Halo can be played by the future generations. Because if done right, Halo can be a timeless game


I’m just excited that this will be the first Halo game to get campaign expansions. Technically H4 had spartan ops, but does that really count?


Escharums motives make no sense


See my thread on that. I agree with you.

It’s okay. Doesn’t really feel all that connected with what came before in the grand scheme of things, the open world quickly lost its luster after a while, and, sadly, how it handled Cortana after all this time was simply atrocious. It does a lot of things right, but as I’ve stewed on it over the last month it’s not as good as I felt it was.


The open world design of Infinite was a good idea, even though Zeta felt kind of empty and repetitive. (even Ubisoft games mix things up better than Infinite does)

Infinite was a spiritual reboot, so Infinite was technically a different but upgraded version of Halo: CE. I think 343 intended to limit a lot of things on purpose in Infinite to build up for the next 10 years according to their “plan.”

This new plot could be good if 343 stays creative and clear on “their vision,” but I was given absolutely no choice in this matter… 343 reset 20 years of story building to start this new story that seems to be aimed at new players instead of the players who have been here since Day One. This is one of the reasons why loyalty is fleeting nowadays for a lot of companies.

In terms of gameplay, its probably #2 behind Halo 3, in my opinion. The story line could fit better, but after 20 years, I understand the devs wanting to go down a different path.

The campaign is worth $60 to me, and I dont play enough different titles for game pass.

Infrequently positivly post! ! !
Everyone seems complaining nowtime.
Although Infinite campaign have many problem but it really not very bad,at least not a junk

Think iv’e gone through campaign like 20 times already, loving it. Looking forward to dlc & everything else that get’s added / changed :blush:


I thought it was decent, not great. Level designs felt very repetitive. You’re either:

  1. Running around Zeta which all looks the same
  2. In a Banished base
  3. In a Forerunner structure

Open world concept is interesting but felt empty much of the time for me. There’s very few worthwhile incentives to explore on your own and enemies are too far and few between outside of designated locations.


What do you think should be different when you’re on a forerunner structure, fighting against the banished and the forerunners?

I’ll agree it all looked similar – but I anticipate more to come with that. Like seasonal changes, maybe more space exploration things. Sniping specific missions, flying missions, tank missions, etc. My big hope is that DLC and expansions don’t cost an arm and a leg. Surely 343 has content in their back pocket after 6yrs of planning on this.

Best 343 campaign if viewed in a vacuum.

The Good:

  • Master Chief. It very much addresses the Chief dealing with losing Cortana as was set up at the end of Halo 4. The Weapon works perfectly as a prop in that story. Like I cannot over stress this. It was ridiculous and honestly holds up the whole story.

  • You know Jen Taylor’s good as Cortana when she can get you to forgive her for taking over the galaxy and killing a “few” :eyes: billion people. I am sure the Logic Plague explanation is down the road with OB. :wink:

  • Open world. I got lost in that place. It did sell the idea that you were on this Halo ring and it’s so much fun RPing as Space Rambo.So much better than the corridors of 4 and 5.

  • Ambience and Music. Perfect. Absolutely sells the mood and tone. See point 1 and 3.

  • I am glad that we did get to see a little more of OP Cortana and they did weave that into the story with the Banished and the Weapon.

  • Core gameplay is just solid. In the Conservatory with that theme swinging with the grapple hook. Never got old.

  • Hey, if the game wants me to hate Atriox and the Banished. Mission accomplished. I will do terrible things to that Brute and take everything from him before the end. :smile:

The Bad:

  • You let the fans kill Cortana. Offscreen.

  • You retconned Halo 5 after I waited six years for a sequel. It’s really annoying seeing some of the concept art for this.

  • It’s a much smaller scale and stakes story than the previous entries.

  • We don’t get enough context for the Banished or the Endless. The game ends with us knowing something something dark side.

  • World building has went out the window. I have no idea what’s up with that and where the Galaxy is at. I can foresee some massive hand waving. Oh the AI are our friends again and we got all the ships back.

The Ugly

  • One biome

  • One enemy faction

  • Limited vehicle and weapon options

  • Limited activities in the open world. Compare it to AC.

  • Fairly small open world.

  • No Co-Op

  • Lack of big cinematic set pieces

  • Because of the retcon, certain aspects of the plot don’t make sense as they’re pursuing outcomes. How could Cortana be locked down by a clone if she’s in the Domain. How could she destroy the Silent aauditorium if she’s in lockdown. How are the Brutes a superpower when they’re a primitive species. Destroying the Infinity. Etc etc

  • The ending fell flat with the Weapon taking the name and the three flying off into the sunset. It’s like being given a new puppy and calling it the same name; a little bit too soon and it feels wrong. Shes never going to be Cortana. Whilst in general it just fell flat. I didn’t feel excited to see the three of them together as one is a permanent reminder of failure and loss whilst the other is a burden. Whilst I have no real insight into where they’re going.

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How so?

Escharum (judging from what was hinted at in the Campaign) is dying from old age or some disease, instead he basically wants to die an honorable death (think vikings as an example of this) and the whole story is just one big suicide attempt.

If you recall he told Jega basically the same, that he’d likely die and the chad went right in anyway.


I’d say for a ‘500 million dollar price tag’ the campaign was ‘tolerable’ bordering on ‘decent’ but I wouldn’t say it is one of the greatest campaigns to date. The invisible walls separating zones were rather annoying. It wasn’t ‘revolutionary’, or ‘next gen’ in its design (‘Marines’ consistently being crushed by inc. ‘FOB’ vehicle drops), it was simply fun and okay to play.

As far as replayability? I find the replayability quite low ‘to be honest’ for an open world, there are no ‘dynamic events’, no weather, no surprises (to my knowledge) beyond the initial open world quests. Also, it lacks co-op mode and level select. Quite a bit of the music was also recycled from previous composers who weren’t even credited (probably since they didn’t directly have any involvement in the development of the game).

I have to disagree. Traversing the open world is fun, but when it comes to story, there really isn’t much. What is there is full of holes or isn’t that good.

I get they want to leave H4 and H5 in the past, I don’t like that idea, but I do understand it. But in doing so, all of the important, interesting bits happen off screen and we just get to hear about it through an audio log?

And the Banished. In Halo Wars 2 they are this group led by Atriox that has great ambition, but in Infinite Escharum is running the show for some reason, and wants to set off the ring to wipe out his whole army? Sounds like a team that is losing, not dominating as they have been.

Then there is Cortana who seems to be an almost unstopable force, and bam, she taken out with little effort.

To me, this campaign might be the worst. Again, the open world is killer, but the story feels like a kid throwing a school project together last minute because he forgot when it was due.

Yeah I mean I really agree the game was super fun to play and while it all feels very cool and paste in terms of design and objectives the shooting enemies and movement is super fun. Easily the campaign that’s most fun to play but I feel if you only included warship garrbrakom and then the nexus onwards the story is not hurt but the dlcs are gonna be amazing because they have a ton to work with.

I’m going to leave a spicy take here.

Halo Infinite is the best campaign since Halo 3.

Glad you liked it so much. Can’t say it hit that high note for me. It has so.e great stuff but I honestly felt it wasn’t finished ce up to reach all have their share of co tent cuts and missing elements but they feel finished to me hell even 4 does. But 5 and especially infinite felt like they were rushed and its a little sad. I’m excited to see what campaign dlc can learn and improve

I definitely agree. I love the open world design, and all the callbacks to past games. Many people are upset at the course-correction from H5, which I simply don’t understand. For years everyone complained that H5 had the worst campaign of any Halo game ever, and I remember countless youtube videos and social media posts dissecting exactly how H5 was terrible. Now suddenly all these H5 fans have crawled out of the woodwork to complain that Infinite doesn’t adequately follow up on the game we all universally trashed and panned for years. I would have preferred if 343 had gone further, and didn’t even have cortana in the game, but I don’t think that opinion is shared by most.

I also really appreciated a smaller scale story for once; saving the universe with the highest possible stakes ever 12 times in a row gets old, and so I liked that the climax of the game was not about saving everyone, but about rescuing a friend that we have gotten to know over the course of the game.

One detail I don’t hear people mentioning is how artistic the cutscenes are. The entire game is a single camera shot with no cuts, every scene transitions smoothly, cutscenes leave and enter the Master Chief’s head seamlessly. It conveys that this is a more intimate story about real characters, which we finally have in a Halo game. Unpopular opinion, but I think Infinite has the best characters of the entire series in the form of Chief, the Weapon, and the Pilot. The criticisms that Escharum doesn’t do anything are fair, but I still think he’s a compelling villain. The Harbinger adds nothing to the story and is basically a less offensive retread of the Didact, which wasn’t a good idea in 2012 and still isn’t now.

I guess this turned into a rant but all I wanted to say is that like you, I really love this campaign, the open world, the endless replayability, and the freedom that the player has to explore and experience Zeta Halo in any way they can imagine.

One of the greatest to date? Yeah, Halo Infinite’s Campaign is definitely one of the top 10 Halo titles to ever come out. Far from top 5. Reach, ODST, 3, 2, and CE beat it. Even Halo 4 Spartan Ops was better. This is the first Halo, and hopefully the last Halo, where all the bosses and story take place in the same small 0.1% of the Ring. Usually you spend weeks in the canon travelling across the whole Ring, or in Reach, you even went to space. Sure, you start in space, but that was the coolest part of Infinite. The rest was painfully basically the same.

Hopefully the expansions have better map and level design, because wow, if I have to spam grapple across 100 acres of grass and rocks back and forth a second time, I’ll be pissed