Halo Infinite Is Not Saving My Progress on "The Road" Mission

No matter how I end the game, and no matter how I load it (Continue or Load Game) and no matter how many “Saving Progress” or “Saving Checkpoints” I see, I can go all the way past the 2 red hunters for example, when I stop the game and restart it, I’m back at the beginning of the mission. Please tell me what to do to- other than leaving the game on and not playing multiplayer or any other game? I’m playing Legendary. It’s a pain in the butt for this to happen.

I think you have to beat it in one go. Just take the Scorpion and slowly kill everything before it can hurt you too badly.

Slow and steady finishes the race. Don’t worry about being sporting, especially playing on Legendary. Just spam the main canon towards every visible surface near where anything could possibly be hiding as you inch forward, and fall back whenever you see movement so you don’t get overwhelmed by having too many enemies that can draw a line of fire to your tank at once.