Halo Infinite is great… but it needs HUGE changes!

Infinite is so much fun to play, well done 343, it looks like a real return to form for halo which were all excited about. But there’s a few terrible issues with the game that we all know about, please fix them ASAP before this game is ruined.

-Yoink!- micro transactions, you are taking advantage of classic halo fans and locking all the customisation behind pay walls. I think everyone would have preferred to buy the game outright and have no micro transactions rather than this awful free to play model. There isn’t enough free content in the game so far and I think that all of the paid content should be in the form of a battle pass, not micro transactions. This is such a sour change from classic halo games where a wealth of customisation was available to everyone by playing the game.

The progression system in this game is quite literally the worst I’ve ever experienced. You need to add a simple XP system like in past games and we need to be able to rank up, not just in the battle pass but in a Spartan level. We need to get XP for playing every game, more XP for playing better, winning, playing the objective etc. Challenges should be a way to earn extra XP by completing something challenging. The progression through the battle pass is painfully slow and needs addressing immediately.

So far, it looks like it has so much potential but needs some tweaks to make it right. Of course the progression and monetisation come into this, but given that those things are fixed and more content is added over time, I think we could have a great system of customisation. We need to be able to swap everything over between armour cores, I mean EVERYTHING!! The helmets, attachments, colours should all be transferable to give us a truly customisable Spartan. I think you also need to add a large range of base colours / armour coatings to the game, too many of them are locked behind a pay wall currently. I also think that you need to add in other avenues of unlocking equipment, playing through the campaign, reaching milestones in multiplayer and general levelling up should all yield rewards, rather than just through the battle pass and storefront.

That was all a bit negative, in reality, halo infinite has the potential to be a 10/10 game, it’s so much fun already and feels like an awesome blend of classic halo and modern FPS gameplay. I really can’t get over how fun it is, the balance, mechanics and sandbox really are exceptional. I love the art style and general feel of this game and it’s all of these good things that make me so frustrated with its shortcomings, so please 343, fix this halo while you’ve still got a chance, the community will be forever grateful.