Halo infinite is frustrating and not fun

This game is so frustrating here I am running around trying to find a sniper rifle that I don’t even know where it is, and then if I do find it I’m lucky if I can get one kill before I get killed, is this game supposed to be fun or drive you insane. Because it’s not fun.


I dunno, I had fun during the last flight and I had fun the games I played a few days ago (currently grinding up on Warframe for some stuff, that’s the only reason I haven’t been on Infinite). I suppose if you’re purposely trying to find one weapon to use, you’re going to have a lot less fun than if you just go with what you have or scavenge. Trying to keep finding a sniper for example is just going to frustrate you because you’re not the only one looking for one.

i think its pretty fun. why do you think you should just be gifted the guns you want? i’d bet players on the other squad don’t want you to find that sniper so easy…

Then don’t make it part of a challenge I have to complete.

I agree weapon based challenges are annoying (I think that’s what you’re going for even though you mentioned it nowhere in your post) but I can’t agree with your take about finding or using the sniper. Infinite more than any other Halo game makes it pretty clear where it spawns. It gives you a waypoint and everything. And it’s a power weapon so you shouldn’t automatically be a master at it, it’s something you have to get a feel for.