Halo Infinite is extremely blurry - Let us disable TAA

When standing still Infinite looks great, but the moment you begin to move you’ll notice that the entire game gets blurrier. It feels as if your spartan needs glasses. This isn’t due to your resolution settings or motion blur, but a nefarious hidden setting called temporal anti-aliasing.

TAA is an anti-aliasing technique where pixels sampled in past frames are blended with pixels sampled in the current frame to produce an anti-aliased image. Essentially it makes the game look like eye-melting mush whenever you’re moving.

This NEEDS to be disabled or have a toggle if this game wants to graphically compete with any other modern shooter. It makes 1440p look like 720p.


Hmm. Out of morbid curiosity, what settings are you at? Is dynamic scaling on, either via minimum framerate or reconstruction? I’ve been cranking away at 1440p120 on my 3090 and it looks excellent to my eyes - not super crisp, but the TAA doesn’t look nearly as bad as some other implementations, at least to me. Heck, even the motion blur is excellent, and that’s usually something I turn off!

That said, I would appreciate the option to choose our AA technique. I’m an MSAA brute-force purist if only because yeah, TAA tends to look worse more often than not, and everyone’s eyes (and tastes) are different. I get that the consoles are better restricted to specific implementations, but let the PC users roam free among our AA garden.

I’m at 1080p, lowest settings, no dynamic scaling. Scaling up the resolution and setting everything to ultra doesn’t lessen the issue in my case.

I was shocked how blurry the game looked on my 60Hz, VA monitor. It looks fine on my 144Hz IPS monitor though.

Uninstall the hd texture pack.