Halo infinite is empty

Halo infinite needs something else than the battle pass, something like the general level like in halo 5 or something


Right? Something. Just something.

I’m literally staring at the Halo infinite logo right now. And I’m like “what do I do”. It’s all the same thing over and over.


I have to agree, it’s amazing how 343i have utterly missed the ball on player progression in this game, yet seem to have done a decent job with the MCC.

I currently see the current rubbish rewards for Weeklies as stalling for time, but 80 days is a Helluva long time to stall for.


there is a diffrend between halo infinite and MCC what is playing a big part also.

MCC is full Pay To Play multiplayer.
Halo infinite is Free To Play multiplayer.

and since its free to play multiplayer what halo infinite has you get this battle pass system.
if the multiplayer in halo infinite was also pay to play like in the other halo game’s are then the mcc version was a good way to do.


Even as a free-to-play game, it should have had performance-based and progression-based XP and rewards, as well as an overall ranking system like levels.
Only having challenge-based XP (that eventually loses value) and rewards (that aren’t appealing) isn’t going to keep players around.
Keeping players around is more important in a free-to-play game than it is in a buy-to-play game.


I’m wondering why you still get xp after finishing a game even though you have already completed the Battle Pass…where does it go? Is it just swallowed up into a vast Halo dump pile or is it registering somewhere in the background to be used or registered at a later date. Either way, don’t you think that this is very sloppy design aspect, its not like this is their first Halo or xp award system.


You’re talking about the same company that gave you an xp boost as part of the reward when you reached 152 in H5 :joy:


:joy: Luckily or maybe unlucky I didn’t quite make it to 152…i got to 149 and realized i wasn’t even half way there…omg!


Wait, is that true? If so that’s super funny


The lack of content and how slow 343 is going to be adding content is the actual problem.

Even at this point the game should have had the basics, so I’m wondering WTH was 343 doing for the last 6 years?

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I dont think its any mystery what halo infinite is lacking. We need new maps and playlists. Ranked needs slayer in some form or fashion. The list is long. And its certainly not a secret lol


We need lobbys again and proximity chat back and not dancing spartans or weird camera shots panning around the map!

Reach had the best UI system imo. You could scroll through the lobby list, see the different players spartans, their service record, if they were in a party, if they were there again from the last match.

Imagine if they did this for infinite but improved it. You could have a the highest medal you ever got displayed in your spartan screen. What about a clip. People who click onto your service record could see a clip pinned to it. Something you did that was amazing or funny or a fail.

One thing id like back!
Bring back commendations from halo reach. These would be so much better than challenges. Imagine if they had secret armor when you max out a commendation to onyx.


Yea the progression levels could also be a good way to show the time players put into the game. While unneeded, it’s a small serotonin boost when people look at it.

This progression could also be used to unlock further customization so players feel inclined to put time into the game and keep it alive.


It was intentional, the whole plan was to push the Battlepass and challenge system for progression. The goal was to push players to the store to buy challenge swaps.

They sell for cheap so players lose track about exactly how much they spend.

Think about it, that whole Spew of we are watching which challenges are being swapped to better determine what kind of challenges players want. Even that was intended to sell challenge swaps. Because they know the swaps are not infinite thus players will eventually have to purchase if they want to swap and provide 343 more data to remove challenges. If not 343 just sees it as oh players like it be ause they haven’t swapped it that much.

Honestly I wouldn’t even put past 343 to purposely put some really specifically bad challenges in the system to kinda artificially created unwanted ones to sell more swaps.

They know players don’t care about the challenge system linked to progression but they basically wrapped the whole system around it. Kinda put themselves in a bad corner.


There should be zero store and just one big BP. There is a separate BP for events and another BP for Fractures.

And then premium BPs for all of those.


Fixed it


Perfecting the store, what did you think they were working on? Silly you…


Just reading this and knowing some companies can create a complete game in that time. That’s really sad that the shop is basically all 343 has to show for themselves.


I’m willing to bet the battlepass was never intended to be the only progression system. Just wait

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Play a different game, man lol. There are so many good games.