Halo Infinite is dying

I continue to ask my self why don’t u fix this game? Is incredible how fast it is dying and for what?? A little annoying issue in btb (the most popular playlist) and some bugs during matches because weird things happen. Halo infinite is broken after the first week it came out. It’s almost a month! Why don’t u fix it? Is really that hard? And then you ask real money to buy armours or skin in the shop? This game has a good potential, why are you trashing it?? Many people waited years to see a decent halo again and it could be awesome! People (including me) are quitting games cause of all these issues. And PLEASE, give us options to deactivate crossplay. And FIX EVERYTHING!
It’s incredible how this game was almost perfect during the beta test with insiders and now it came out is full of issues. WHAT ARE YOU DOING 343???


just because you’re unhappy with the state of the game doesn’t mean the game is dying. it has issues yes, but SteamDB says this game currently has 36k people on rn, with around 50k at peak times. this game is just as popular in terms of population as Warframe and Destiny 2, both of which are extremely active and populated games. and that’s just PC numbers, we don’t know how many more countless people are playing Infinite on Xbox.


Maybe you don’t know that the population on pc went from 270k to exactly 40k (as you said). I guess you are a '99 guy and that’s ok, but considering it I think that maybe you didn’t know that during Halo 3 times, population was more than 500k when it came out, and it was stable for some years. And now we are in 2021, technology is so much better and a Halo game we waited for years is being deserted by so many people in less than one month. This is a sign of something wrong. Don’t mind, game has an awesome potential and it is the first decent halo since halo reach times. 11 years has passed. 343 is not fixing the issues that are affecting Infinite. Something had to be improved in some days, but the game is still broken almost since it came out. I save the first week, but after it, is totally a disaster


There are also many more interesting games on the market these days than back then.

Also, most games have a huge population dip over their first few weeks. Destiny 2 also has this.


270k to 150k stable for about a month, then 150k to where we are now after the BTB crashes.

It didn’t plummet from 270k to 40k overnight (averaging closer to 50k-60k realistically), and it’s still a far more respectable population compared to MCC’s counts (which even it has a viable player population.)

And only Steam numbers.

Peaked at 1.1mil and had a roughly estimated stable population of 750k.

But this was also in a time where AAA titles were few and far between, decent gaming experiences were consolidated which led to gaming populations being far more densely packed than we see now with hundreds if not thousands of popular titles spreading player counts out.


I’m more concerned about a stable pop than a big one. Currently, the game’s pop is stable at about 50k.


I’m waiting to see how they get things done now that the holidays are over before I make judgement.

While it has its issues, as someone once said concerning its gameplay, “You did it. You did the hard part, but ****ed up the easy parts”.

And they were providing tweaks/fixes for the easy parts like the progression and playlists, they just need to do a bit more and I think Infinite has the potential to bounce back. Maybe not immediately but maybe overtime and during the big additions like Co-Op and Forged they’ll win a lot back. Maybe.


I plan on playing more actively again once they actually decide to fix BTB. Don’t know if and when they will do that though.


The population is declining but I wouldn’t say it’s dead. Population dips over the first few months are to be expected with nearly any game. Especially in a f2p game that relies on seasonal updates to reel people back in.

However, I am a little concerned over how long it’s going to take for season 2 to roll around. It’s not coming until May and by that point the game will almost certainly have a lower player count than we have now. Hopefully they do some smaller updates in the meantime to keep people interested and that the big season 2 one isn’t too little too late. I feel like they think the events like Tenrai are enough to keep people playing until then but I’m not sure it’s enough for most people.


Just remember when I say this I didn’t hang myself … launch game in beta testing as free to play with cash store, limit items so people buy everything so they can “customise”, tweak progression to appease casuals, they spend more money, milk, milk, milk … release huge patch when “x” cash sales are no longer being made … everyone returns and spends money, rinse, repeat.


Just because you’re unhappy that people dislike the game does not mean it’s not dying. It is at 57% drop in roughly 30 days and dropping every single day. Population numbers are going down fast and so is the viewers on Twitch. You seriously believe Xbox numbers aren’t going down too? :thinking: :pensive:


everyone likes to show steam numbers as proof of infinite dying, but of my 20 or so friends that play halo on pc only one is still playing on steam, everyone else swapped to gamepass/xbox app because of the campaign, not to mention I have yet to see someone say the game is dying and include total player count between platform and launchers used. Yeah the game is in decline right now, but thats to be expected, hopefully they implement some fixes for the desync and other issues soon and that should help with some retention as well


A game shouldn’t decline this fast, period. Also CS:GO… 750k players, daily.

343 is to blame along with big daddy microsoft, halo should be 1m+


Umm except first impressions can hurt any game overall and 343i’s launch will damage the IP in the long term. Many fans are tired of the issues and are tired of being lied/mocked by 343i. Of course you’re not going to see player base numbers for consoles because they removed the player counts on consoles for exactly this reason so they can make claims that it’s their top game without proof. Plus it wouldn’t make any sense to not have their main IP not in the top sellers advertised if it’s in decline. Based on the current state of the game it is way more believable that that the overall player base is slowing down. What we do know is the evidence out that is currently showing the game is decline on 1 major platform.


Do you have the actual numbers for the decline, because everywhere i look i can only find steam counts, which is only one launcher. When you add in xbox and gamepass how do the numbers look? I’m sure there is still a major decline, especially with the server issues, cheating, and monetization of customization, but taking steam numbers and applying them as universal isn’t accurate. Especially for game that has such a major console following.
343 is absolutely to blame here, but I think your estimate of 1mil+ for players is way over estimated, as much as I would love for halo to have that many players, its not the “fast paced, low ttk, point and click” most people like now, or a br

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If this is just now your first impression of 343, welcome I guess, they haven’t had a decent launch yet, and people are still here and coming back. Based on the fickleness of gamers, and the numbers of one launcher, not even the whole platform, I’m not going to say a game is dead or dying based off of one set of numbers, you wouldn’t do it in anything else unless youre only trying to prove your point and not caring about its accuracy. And declines are natural, especially after launch, especailly when they are splitting their pc player base between gamepass and steam, and especially when there are terrible issues with the servers and monetization, but the exaggeration and hyperbole is getting old, the games has been out for almost to months, they have a lot to fix, but to act steam numbers are the end all be all most accurate data you can find is ridiculous, its one launcher on one platform.

No. First impressions of any game. I’m aware of the weird stuff 343i have done over the years. Like I said first impressions can hurt any game and player base are not guaranteed to return if their 1st impression is bad and this is common in the industry.

I wouldn’t know game pass numbers on Infinite because once again conveniently hidden from view. What I do know is Halo Infinite population is in serious decline on Steam and Twitch is showing major declines in viewership and I have no doubts that Xbox version is most likely in decline too.

I have seen many veterans speak out about going away from the game and many have had enough but at the end of the day 343i are unlikely to get those Bungie days since their rep as been a bit shaky since 4/5 and Infinite is kind of the final straw for a lot of people.


Y’know, people have been saying “Halo is dying!” since 2012.

“Well, that was the beginning!” Yeah, newsflash; that was almost 10 years ago. That’s a hell of a slow Beginning of the End. Y’all tirelessly call back and compare to Halo 3, way back in 2007, and the “Glory Days of 100k population”.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s one screenshot of the lobby held up as evidence. Is there any metered, month-by-month proof? Since y’all are tracking games by-the-day these days.

Additionally, has it been considered that… maybe there just aren’t that many people playing video games anymore? Most of that 100k population are middle-age adults now. We’ve got jobs, kids, responsibilities, and maybe an hour or so to -Blam!- around on video games. Maybe we don’t want to spend that two hours getting shrieked at and t-bagged by kids. That doesn’t mean Halo is dying. Just means we don’t really want to play with you.


I’ve seen similar from veterans, but mostly new players saying they’re not coming back because they don’t like the core of halo gameplay. I’ve also seen just as many veterans and new players say the opposite, they can’t wait for fixes to come so they can play more regularly with out the desync frustration and other issues, I mean the only reason I’m back is because the core gameplay feels like halo, I only played 4 and 5 sporadically to see if they changed for the better but it never felt like halo to me, until infinite, and I know a lot more people that feel the same way as I do than don’t. 343 really crewed up again with the launch and live service, but the nailed most of the core gameplay that most halo veterans love, they still have plenty if time to fix it, but since it wasn’t a perfect launch, and they havent fixed it yet, which i completely agree is garbage and adding to the player count decline, people are saying its dead and there is nothing they can do to fix it. All I am saying is you can’t rely on one set of numbers on one launcher, to dictate the health of the overall game, and say its definitively dead because its not going how you want it to. This isn’t even a productive conversation 9 times out of 10, its people hoping and wishing for halo to fail and die off and discrediting everything it has going for it just because. Yeah it has its issues, they can be fixed, and 343 has at least said they are working on it, and have demonstrated the ability to listen to player feed back and implement change, although selectively, but just going saying “dead game move on” doesn’t do anyone any benfit

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Idk about it it dying but I do know that the game is in a very poor state and it is not because of any one situation, it’s many. I’m sure putting 99.99% of the earnable items behind a paywall, the amount of issues the game has, and the lack of content amog other things has a lot to do with it.

343/Microsoft new model is hurting the game like real bad, and it will effect how players view this game that will make their decision to stay or not.

Not everyone is interested in the battle pass and from reading all about it this last month, It looks like 343 is the one getting a deal not you guys that bought it and will continue to buy them because you will be conditioned to play how they want you to play.