Halo Infinite is completely unplayable

I don’t know how this is possible, but desync and ping are the worst they’ve ever been since flights. Of all my matches this week, I’ve only had one match with a decent ping! This is completely unacceptable from a studio owned by the largest gaming company in America. Hey Unyshek, maybe those “bad actors” you mentioned wouldn’t have to resort to geofiltering if the damn game didn’t put people from different continents in the same lobby?


What’s your internet like and what software you playing on?

I don’t ever check my ping but I have had barely any desync issues in 600+ games. I’m in the UK.

Some nights every single game lags despite my internet running normally on every other device, including my Xbox so it’s clearly something happening their side. I’d say that’s happened about 2-3 days since launch though so overall I’ve been pretty happy on a personal level.

See a lot of posts about desync though so clearly must be hitting some players hard. Wonder if it’s worse depending on your device, internet and location.

I play on PC and I use an ethernet cable to connect to the Internet. My internet is pretty good and I’m able to play every single other multiplayer game without any lag (CSGO, Battlefield 3-V, Warzone etc). On speedtest.pl I get 27ms of ping, 56.22 Mb/s download and 7.51 Mb/s upload. This is not an issue on my side, but on 343’s.


Just for reference I play on Series X and play wireless. Just checked on my phone and I have 350mb download, 52mb upload and 16ms ping right now.

I wonder if there is a minimum internet speed spec to eliminate most instance of desync/lag. Obviously it sounds like it needs to be much better, but I rarely have any issue and I assume this must be the reason why I’m not experiencing it much.

You run 16 ms on eu servers? What part of the UK you from if you don’t mind saying? I’m from England, the best I get is 30 but it still feels off. I’m not running Fibre right now though so that’s probably why.

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I am in France with 1Gb fibre but I live out in the sticks.

I get
17-19ms ping to the Azure center in Holland
21-23ms ping to the Azure center in Ireland
84-86ms ping to the Azure center East coast US

Before I had fibre
I got
47-49ms ping to the Azure center in Holland
75-77ms ping to the Azure center in Ireland
120ms ping to the Azure center East coast US

Even with fibre and decent pings to the EU servers, theres still a lot of nonsense 1 melee kills getting shot around corners etc. The netcode is terrible.


I got killed around corners so many times that I even started to think they added wallbangs. Today, I was playing on Recharge with 160ms ping and I fell through two floors and got melee’d by a guy because my bullets didn’t register. Infinite was so much better in the flights when I still had matches with 50 ms ping.

Don’t worry! They are currently typing the March Update to let us know they will discuss server stability with us sometime in season 5!

Until then, let me guide you to the shop where you can spend your money! Don’t worry, that all functio s completely fine!


Functions* unlike their site with the broken edit options.

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I couldn’t edit my earlier comment for some reason so I decided to simply delete it lol

lol @Foolish_343

Yeah, they are in a bad place. I’m honestly leaning towards two things…

1st, 343s management is a joke

2nd, the mighty slipspace engine (which is infact just a retooled decades old original Halo engine) is so rubbish and unwieldy , that everything takes forever to do.

They should scrap this engine and port it over to UE5.


Maybe 343 is done with Microsoft’s new acquisition. Might as well let Activision make the next one.


Series S

I’m in Worcestershire on -Yoink!- media Fibre 200mb down 20mb up.

In December I would Constantly get 25-29 ping and then the odd game at 100.

However in the last two weeks I’m getting that 100 ping every other game.

It has got worse. Population drop I reckon.

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Bro - quit the aggro. 7up is garbage internet it literally is considered below high speed threshold. Enjoy your mod warning/ban for attacking someone.

I don’t give a damn, you fragile -Yoink!-. Also you might be confusing megabytes with megabits

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The 16ms was just on my phone speedtest, I have never had ping data on for Halo Infinite and I never intend to so I don’t know what my in-game ping is.

I’m on 1gb -Yoink!-.

A bit dramatic.

Server selection has to happen.

However, since I turned the ping indicator on in settings, I can see that the majority of my games are in actuality, sub 100ms (without GeoFilter)

Still doesn’t feel right most of the time though - maybe something else is at play?

Also, this dude at 343i throwing shade at Geos is completely out of order…

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His internet is nearly double the UK average of low 20s mb/s download. There is still a lot of catching up to do all over the world and 343i couldn’t care less.

Edit: for clarity, I can’t actually find much consensus on the average UK Speed at the moment, and my information was out of date. I see estimates anywhere between 50 and 80 mb/s, but still, not good. And in the UK I believe 30mb/s down constitutes “super fast” internet according to Ofcom. Not very good

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I have 80mb/s down and 20mb/s up, on Fibre on which every other game works immaculately online. My ping when I test on Xbox is 9ms, and my Xbox is wired with ethernet to the router, and I have all the same issues as you. Everyone else I know in the UK seems to suffer horrendous latency, as though we’re rarely if ever playing on European servers. All the problems are definitely 343s side

lol im in the uk and 30mb/s is fast to me. I used to be on 8 mb/s

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