Halo infinite is an improvement

It’s hard to pinpoint what it is, but from single player campaign to multiplayer matchmaking, this Halo game is really good. It seems a new set of hands in development were crafting this game as compared to a few previous Halo games. A very engaging story campaign and game play was fun and not a chore. Multiplayer was insanely enjoyable while not forcing me back to play but rather Inviting me back. I usually get goob stomped by other high level players but at least is was in style and it was fun. Thank you Halo for your efforts in making a great game.

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We must not be playing the game game. What you’re describing is a lot better than the experience my friends and I have had.


The good bits are good but there’s 100 times the amount of bad that are a lot badererer.

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Yep. Really enjoyed the campaign. Solid reboot material.

Loving multiplayer. Would love more maps and options - but who wouldn’t. There are things like melee that need urgent attention though.

Missing Forge and Scripting. Hopefully things will really take off then.

I disagree entirely. Nothing that’s bad about Infinite can’t be fixed over time.

The good, however, is that we finally got a proper Halo game for the first time in 14 years. Nothing bad about this game, not the shady monetization, the server issues, or the bad social progression system will ever take away the fact that we won. We took Halo back from the depths of whatever hell Reach-5 was in.

The campaign is 343’s best Halo game, hands down. Gameplay is one of the best shooter gameplays I’ve ever had. But sadly, there is a lot of other stuff to fix and so far, the hopium tank is pretty full. It was running out at the beginning of 2022 but they are filling it back up with these small updates.

Here’s to a roadmap soon!

Exactly, what you said is the good.

The bad is bad until it’s fixed. I’m not going to support a ‘well done’ post until it’s playable.

There’s a whole lot of bad - desync/lag, hit registration, melee registration/phasing, player collision, player outlines, broken scoreboards to even the extent oddball wins are awarded to wrong team, theatre, whole list of weapon balancing, aim assist balancing between inputs, I could do 50 more easily and I don’t even care about money/customisation - I just won’t pay them.

When all these are fixed I’ll be the first to run up kiss their shoes and then pat them on the head but until then no.

I think the truth is we agree but read the post in different ways. I’m in the boat of I won’t be happy until it’s all done but admit it could very well be the best very soon (which is why I give lots of feedback because I want it to be) and you’re ‘this is the best for a long time, it just needs work’.

What’s good and bad about Halo Infinite is both objective and subjective, but I will agree to the gameplay experience. When it works, it feels good.

There’s plenty about it that’s bad though. But I will say that it’s an improvement in other places too.