Halo infinite is a xbox 360 game change my mind

I dont understand why those every server feels different u can get 70 pin server and it feels like hell and sometimes plays on a 120 and it feels fine the servers on this game feel like im back at my xbox 360 playing halo 3 and getting the good old lagswitch but with out the blackscreen … this game is terrible compared to the others AAAfps games like
Cod / apex / overwatch / and others…
Is beyond me and halo has all ways have this problem i dont know if is the servers … the code or what ever it is bad … every other region outside the usa or UK have to endure this bad sistem thats why u see all the other games prosper cuz they are actually playable

We know the lack of content desync are a major problem but ur servers are absolute bad


But 360 games were shipped complete and felt great to play.


looking around

There is lots good with this game, but the online issues are no ludacris honestly.


That’s an insult to the Xbox 360 but touché

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Likely not going to “Change Your Mind” because, well, we all know how that goes.

But play it on the Xbox Series X|S.

Server issues do not equate with Platform.

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I do miss the glorious 360 days when games actually were good. My SX is mostly a dust collector now, one year after the release there is nothing worth playing. Many of my friends have not been online for 2-3 months this generation. It sure is a bad time for Xbox fans I just got an Evercade to play some retro instead.


That’s an insult to Halo 3 and Reach, and the Crysis trilogy while I’m at it. Halo Infinite struggles to run on even the best computers, for all the wrong reasons

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That…is an excellent point.

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Infinite could probably almost qualify for an OG Xbox game… The campaign has probably the most lack luster open world on Xbox one really. I definitely feel I could do more with previous generation games than I can with Infinite. Just look at all that came with RDR2’s open world compared to Infinite… I have put TONs of game time into RDR2 story I still can discover stuff and experience different things AND even replay missions… Halo should have stayed a linear game. 343 has a lot of work to do if Infinite is going to truly be a ten year platform or whatever.

If an Xbox 360 Halo Game, where are my custom games and forge mode?


Why are people hearting this post, Xbox 360 Halo games like Halo 3 were at least complete compared to Halo Infinite


Remember folks, after over a decade of working on Halo material, Halo: Infinite is the best 343 can come up with lol I think if Halo Infinite released 20 years from now on the most powerful machines known to man, 343 would still find a way to do the same old mistakes(plus some new ones) while also ignoring the most loudest feedback, all in favor of selling a few cosmetics to players who can’t control their spending.

I think they removed friendly fire in multiplayer because the engine is broken, when an object falls on you, your character can bounce all over the map. Mintblitz has this covered in a new video.

The game was probably broken from the first code and never got fixed, and a broken GUI system that cant add more playlists without redoing lots of coding or removing something else.

Its most likely really hard to implement content in the game at all, all servers also needs updating with the new maps. Its almost like the game is locked.

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