Halo infinite is a joke

Halo CE-ODST were all better games from a purely content standpoint, I don’t give a funk if infinite is a ten year plan… that’s no excuse for the game to poo… the bed on day one, I seriously believe there’s a build of infinite at 343i hq that’s the actual version of the game but because of the need to make money they gave us this until they hit some quota and then release a “free update” that will restore the game to how it was actually made to launch. Infinite in its current state screams activision BUT ACTIVISION HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HALO, my only guess is Microsoft said sure release the game but leave this and that out until we make our money.


Come on man, really? Content wise? You’re gonna bring up CE? Let’s look at all those games on launch.

CE - no online multiplayer, no forge, no theater, no co-op mode outside of campaign, no customizable armor outside of colors
2 - no forge, no theater, no co-op mode outside of campaign, no customizable armor outside of colors (playable Elites though)
3 - no forge, no co-op mode outside of campaign
ODST - no competitive multiplayer, no forge, no co-op mode matchmaking

Infinite - no forge, no co-op mode outside of campaign, no co-op campaign

BUT Infinite does have the firing range, spartan training, and the longest (time wise) Halo campaign yet.

So please, go on and talk about how launch content for Infinite isn’t the same as those games.


3 introduced Forge tho and it was available at launch…


Complaints about the multiplayer:

Gun play is slow, so many of the guns do zero damage they are a total joke, progressions are painful, and half the weekly game challenges for play lists that do not apparently do not exist. For example: with the BR that used to kill a target with three shots now takes 5 or more!

Campaign issues:

The campaign starts out excellent, but it is not long lived, the open world is sparse and boring, there is no variety!

Where are the prometians, the flood, a new enemy? They spent six years to change the color of the covenant from purple to red?

Why do we have the old armor again? Why are the upgrades that you get not worth even hunting for? The grapple is cool, but that is all, the drip wall I never used, the thruster pack is useless, and what is that strange thing on your arm supposed to do?

I have played this game for a bit more than a week total and am already going to go back to Metroid Dread! Halo is not good anymore! Everyone craps on Halo 4, but the story was compelling, the multiplayer was fun, and the spartan ops added a layer of story that I liked A LOT! Was it perfect? No, there was a lot of repetition in maps and layout, but it was also an XBOX 360 game! A game that takes 6 years to make with hundreds of people working on it should meet certain criteria, including being a complete game!! Not one that needs to be fixed and patched and band-aided for the next decade!

God of War 2018 was a complete game! God of War Ragnorok will also more than likely be a complete game, both were made in half the time of Infinite!


Ah, my bad. I was thinking it came out when Foundry did in the first map pack.

Halo 3 is definitely the most content-rich game at launch. An argument could be made for Reach or Halo 4 even, although I hated Reach’s forged maps being touted as actual maps.


It was at release, but the heroic map pack boasted being able to edit EVERYTHING on the Foundry map, which is why it is so memorable and so many cool maps were created on it.

The legendary map pack brought the new filters.

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Right, and then Sandbox even expounded further upon it. Forge wasn’t truly Forge until Foundry IMO.

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umm H3 did have forge at launch


The ODST that I bought had a multiplayer disk for Halo 3 which included DLC map packs on the same disk.

I know, might wanna read the rest of the thread where we talked about that lol

CE : has multiplayer split screen/ infinite dose not
2 : has color customization/ infinite dose not
3 : has forge/ infinite dose not
Reach : has playable elites with dedicated modes/ infinite dose not
ODST : has firefight/ infinite dose not

Even halo 5 my personal least favorite halo game has warzone and warzone ff…

See I can pick and choose too, my point still stands halo infinite is a poor excuse of a halo game reaching an all time low which is mind blowing considering halo 5 last held that record. The game is lacking in so many places with no excuse for lacking other then Microsoft wants to resell what’s missing for a marked up price.


You see thetimewarptrio what you’ve done is made a straw man’s argument for a game and company that wants nothing more then your money that you blindly shill out at the sight of cat ears or flowers. Because how dare someone point out the obvious like the game is a shell of its predecessors, how dare someone talk down on the game that you like.

Have you played the game?

Halo Infinite has multiplayer split screen, I suggest you try it.

Halo Infinite has color customization, I suggest you try it.

Halo Infinite does not have forge, you got one!

Halo Reach was not brought up in your argument, and I think besides 3/4, Reach is one of the most content rich games. There are a lot of valid points that could be made for Reach!

ODST - please don’t bring this game up if we’re talking about $60 worth of content because you’ll be laughed out of the room lol

I agree that Infinite doesn’t have as much content as Halo 3, Halo 4, or Reach - but to compare it to old games, especially legacy games is hilarious.

I think it’s fair to point out that we have a lot less colors than before

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And I would agree! But to say that there’s “no color customization” in Infinite is blatantly untrue. Not only is there free color customization, but there’s a decent amount of customization available in the BP (yes, you could make the paid argument, but that wasn’t brought up).

Said CE-ODST reach is in there… no halo infinite doesn’t have color customization it has what is referred to as shaders, infinite may have splitcreen (IN MULTIPLAYER) you’re again grasping at straws, it has no spit screen co-op or even co-op online, and I may just speak for myself when I say I’ve gotten more then $60 worth of enjoyment out of odst though that’s not want I payed for it, I’ve gotten $60 worth of enjoyment out of firefight in that game alone and how’s it that comparing the newest game to the first game unfair it’s almost like you think halo infinite hasn’t had the longest development cycle and the most budget behind it… surly you’re not suggesting that you believe halo CE had more backing power behind it.

Mb reach was 2010 so sure “you got me there guy” I miss listed the most important game so that should’ve made your argument stronger but hasn’t, in fact I don’t even get what you’re arguing over other than it’s “unfair” to compare infinite to CE

I’m so confused lol you want to differentiate color customization from “shaders” (it’s actually coatings) when they’re essentially the same thing? Come ON man!

Again, I’m rebutting exactly what you’re saying, you can’t be mad at me for that. You didn’t include Reach in your argument. You specifically said “CE: has multiplayer split screen/infinite does not” - multiplayer = vs, not co-op.

I’m not suggesting anything - I’m merely attempting to nudge you in the direction of an articulate argument instead of just INFINITE AND 343 BAD BUNGIE AND HALO 3 GOOD which seems to be all the craze. Like I said, Halo’s 3, 4, and Reach all have more content that Infinite. I’m 100% on board with that. Let’s not confuse content with $ enjoyment out of the game because they don’t equate.

You also specifically avoid the points I made about Infinite, such as spartan training, the firing range, and the longest to completion Halo game yet.

I’m going to assume that the rest of this conversation isn’t going to be constructive so I’m going to observe this thread from the bleachers, but let’s try and work in the direction of being reasonable and having a reasonable discussion instead of accusing someone of making a straw man’s argument or defending a corporation.


dont like it? go away

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I have never stated that 343i was bad nor that bungie was good, I’m saying that the game is incomplete compared to past games, you can’t blame bungie for not having forge in halo CE but i can blame 343 for not having it in infinite, yea cool it has the longest campaign and cool it has a shooting range… wow I’m so impressed meanwhile rech launched with invasion. Your straw man argument is that you have none if you’re here to rebuttal what I’ve stated as fact that halo infinite is a joke then say so and leave this post was never to have a discussion about the difference between “shaders” yea there shaders that you had to make a point to call them coatings is hilarious to me. The point was and still is to call 343 on their botched halo again.