Halo infinite insider invitation requirements?

So I share games and gamepass ultimate with my sister by using the home console system. My main question is, Is it possible to get invited to Halo infinite’s co-op test flight even if I don’t own the campaign or gamepass ultimate. I have access to the campaign and gamepass due to my sister owning it but I haven’t received an invite for the flight and I’m unsure if I qualify for it or not.

You are technically eligible for the flight, but won’t actually be able to play any of the co-op features as Xbox Live Gold (or Game Pass Ultimate) is required for online play. This flight only requires invites for PC players, you can download it on console through the Xbox Insider Program at anytime (instructions at link below); however for future flights be aware that you are not guaranteed an invite.

Flight requirements for Xbox are listed here:

Thank you for the confirmation, I guess for this flight I just wasn’t invited I just wanted to make sure I was still eligible.