Halo Infinite in the year 2024

The following is a post sent to me from the future forums. It sounds legit:

"Halo Infinite is finally the game we want it to be

It took 2 years of pushing 343. After the leaks, we learned Microsoft exec’s greed was choking 343’s creativity. Ultimately MS’s greed bit them in the butt: Infinite’s population and income dropped so low that the higher ups realize THEIR OWN GREED ruined their ability to make money.

Thankfully, we pushed back and never gave up critiquing 343. They were open to our feedback and we community and studio built a fruitful relationship

Halo Infinite had a shaky launch - too few maps, predatory FOMO unlock system, buggy gameplay and more. But that’s completely turn around: Halo has such rich content now. To wit:

+ Challenges reward Credits in addition to XP
+ Population in the 100,000s. (343’s open attitude and fixes brought players back)
+ Customization better (cross-core and kit customization)
+ 40 maps in rotation (25 dev maps, 15 of the best community Forge maps)
+ Forge
+ New weapons (including old classics)
+ All game modes (Infection, KoTH, Assault, Regicide, etc)
+ Co-op campaign
+ All new Campaign DLC
+ Firefight
+ More fairly priced cosmetics

Great job guys. We never gave an inch in pushing for the game we wanted. We also have to thank 343 for being so open to working with us. Our rocky relationship with them has turned around. Im so happy Halo Infinite is now the game we wished it was in 2021"

Think this post will come true?


sad but no, looking at there track record i think it will take 8-10 years to even live up to Reach since they stumbled even if they did’t make the game (MCC)

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This sounds like a dream tbh.

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Lol no Halo game (unless you count MCC which is cheating) had 40 maps at any point, even Halo 5 didn’t and it had a very consistent stream of content post launch for 2 years (whereas older Halo games got maybe 1 year :thinking: )

Ok so at the point the store just becomes worthless, meaning that 343i would look for other means of making profit. If you can buy a helmet for completing one match of Ranked then I cannot imagine them ever turning a profit off of anything in Infinite store wise.

It probably already is this is close to it, it’ll surely rebound later on.

This seems to be likely by 2023 honestly. Leaks suggest that anyway.

This will probably happen before 2024, either 2022 or 2023 at the latest.

Campaign DLC is easy to make for the most part. Real difficulty is cutscene/story stuff not the actual levels or enemies or regions.

Most of it yeah, the real question is the stuff you are not mentioning. Will 343i ever actually innovate or do anything remotely ambitious going forward? I’ve said this before but a water vehicle would dope af in Infinite, or maybe some crazy Campaign/Firefight experience, maybe they could do a decent BR mode, maybe we could see an Invasion 2.0

There are so many obvious things missing that people are not considering what ifs or possibilities. Even if 343i met all those things you laid out, I would argue that is a severe disappointment. That would basically be like 9 years to get a game that is (on paper) what fans want. We need something that is not only awesome for diehard fans, we need something that jawdrops new players.


Lol no Halo game (unless you count MCC which is cheating) had 40 maps at any point

Halo 5 had over 40 maps.

Ok so at the point the store just becomes worthless

ANALOGY: People already pay to level up faster despite being able to level up via gameplay

Credits could easily handled be the same. Slow drip credits or alleviate the pain by paying

Halo 3 and Reach had a lot of extra maps in rotation for matchmaking because of Sandbox and Forgeworld respectively. If you play BTB in 3 or Reach, half the maps that come up are forged maps. I feel like just the introduction of community-forged maps to matchmaking will alleviate the problems that a lot of players are having with map diversity. A lot of my favourite maps are forged maps.



It had crap tons of Forge maps just like Halo Reach did. I do not consider that 40 maps, and even if you want to argue this by that logic it means it’ll have far more than 40 before 2024 (they could reach 40 in 2022 right after Forge is released per that line of thinking)

I don’t like giving devs credit for stuff the community does, but if you want to do that then fine.

Yes there are people that would be willing to donate thousands of dollars, I recall hearing one person tell me they spend 50k on Gears 4/5… My point is that common sense people that aren’t just throwing money at them would never under scenario pay a dime if they could just get loads of Halo bucks for free.

This is not to say that there can’t be a balance, just that if they do decide to have some stuff earnable it should be under very specific circumstances and take loads of time or be a huge challenge (not those wussy challenges they have in game now, I mean real challenges)

Yeah but giving devs credit for that is just ridiculous. Bungie/343i did nothing to deserve credit for Forgers work. Now they can get credit for giving us the tools to make said maps, but lets not get it twisted and just say Reach had 50 maps when in reality it had very few and a ton of Forge made ones.

Oh yeah absolutely, but my point overall is that 40 dev made maps are completely different from 40 Forge made ones.


i343 can balance the amount of Credits earnable in challenges so that you’d need to complete a large amount of them to get a piece or armor, like 5-10 Credits a challenge. I’m not really invested in the store enough to know how much a piece would cost, but let’s say, 40 challenges for an armor piece.
That’s still a lot of challenges to these only.
-2 Shoulder pads

Add to that visors, Coats, knee pads, hand guard and utility items.

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Let me just say that the current challenge system (overall) is a joke. You can complete an entire weeks worth of challenges in 1 day (few hours, assuming you don’t get something ridiculous) so even if it were just in the weekly (which would be subpar anyways, though I suppose would technically make sense) it would still be very easy to obtain but I guess to your point it would be limited to once a week so nothing too exploitable.

If they do decide to make credits earnable in game it needs to something either limited time only (so players can’t just get hundreds to thousands of dollars potentially, in terms of Halo bucks) or needs to be grindy and take lots of time.

The most common sense thing that I think they could do is just put earnable credit in the Battle Pass (yes, the free one, not just the paid one) this ways it not FOMO and there are obvious limitations to how much is earnable. $5-10 is the maximum each Battle Pass should have. This would be neat because a player that comes in years from now can look back and go “I have a lot of stuff to earn” and it encourages dedication and commitment from players.

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The fact that you think the population would be in the hundreds of thousands concerns me.

I guess that’s what they meant when they told us this would be a ten year game then, eh?

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I’m sorry for the brash tone, not in the best of moods and situations, and any issues I have should not have taken form in that kind over an unrelated person. I’ll change it to a neutral tone, despite you liking it as it is, thank you for that.

Indeed it is. Like a poor practical one.

Yeah I’m basing it on a weekly rotation, as it currently is. Any exploitation is of course bad but i343 could, and should, balance it to a fair point regardless.

Not immediately of course, or if ever, but some would be appreciated.

Considering the amount of items available in Infinite, coats and whatnot, with Event limited items, I don’t think credits in challenges would be that much of a bad thing for i343.

Of course I’m imagining / speculating based on own values and ideas, but, a Credit reward would allow non-paying players to feel rewarded and somewhat included in the “process” with regards to store items, and have a wonderful experience finally unlocking the item they’ve been viewing for quite some time.
Couple that with paying players who could end up with an amount of credits not usable at all, or find themselves not wanting to purchase any items at the budget they’re at. Rather than spending a whole lot more money they could get the trickle Credits from challenges and make a purchase of a slightly more expensive item than they could initially afford. Another positive experience. Of course that’s not to say they won’t be returning customers after that, but rather than feeling frustrated over have X amount of unusable credits in the store, they can spend that and later if they want come back for more. Now if they for some instance leave altogether they won’t really feel like they’ve wasted too much money on the game and leave at a slightly better ending than having unspent money they can’t get back.
At Least I would feel a little better knowing I’d have used up all the money I spent ( haven’t spent any on Infinite MP ) with some game grinding, than knowing I still have 2 € left unused which I couldn’t use, having spent 10€ on an 8€ item, if I for some reason leave the game.

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This would be ideal, but I expect maybe 20% of it will be real. The player base is unlikely the recover that far unless 343 actually does everything else you said and they won’t. They’re not interested in making the game better if it takes time or work that doesn’t directly make them money. That’s why everything they’ve pushed out so far has been shop stuff and events and cosmetics work; all stuff that can make them money.

I don’t think this will ever happen, unfortunately.

What’s sad, is knowing I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes until 2024 to actually get a complete game with their current work ethics…

343 : Don’t be sad this is just how it works out sometimes…

Lol. Infinite has been making money hand over fist since launch. The store is doing bonkers numbers. That’s not going to change. That won’t be what brings Microsoft to their senses

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+ Challenges reward Credits in addition to XP

Looks like the first prediction came true. Now we wait for the rest

That’s confirmed? If that’s the case that’s very promising. By chance do you recall where 343i confirmed it?

It’s actually called Business, it’s not a production when something was planned, and it most likely will not be implanted how you may like to think things will be.