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Nope that’s at launch. There is no actual mention of current xbox numbers and according to TA overall Xbox Live accounts are in decline daily on Xbox/Steam and Steam is dropping to nearly 3k. I feel like with 343i they expect us to take their word for it. Plus since it’s F2P that means there’s no telling how many of those are dummy accounts like guest accounts.


The cosmetics being entirely optional is not a valid excuse, ESPECIALLY when previous games allowed us to make a one time purchase with most game features included instead of $20 for one freaking armor variant

The obviously fair choice is to have a $20 per season Subscription with EVERYTHING INCLUDED, and offer certain special exclusive content for reasonable separate purchases.

It’s a much fairer and simpler middle-ground than overpriced indvidual purchases being the core monetization system where a few players making huge purchases fund the free to play system while 80% of the player base is getting ripped off.

$20 per season with 5 million players is $400 million a year revenue and isn’t breaking the bank for most players at about $7 per month compared to a whopping $20 per item/core

I don’t recall paying a cent for the 27 tiers of Tenrai, or the 10 tiers of Winter Contingency/Cyber Showdown, or the HCS Winter coatings, or the Twitch emblems, or the 20th anniversary skins, or the weekly challenge unlocks.

I mean if you did, you might want to stop believing the guy you’re giving your credit card info to in order to unlock it.

Most of what can be acquired is paywalled, but to say “any” cosmetic is paywalled is veritably untrue.

nice job getting around the “yoink” system.

343 was given a budget of $500 Million to make Halo Infinite.
Now owe their owners, Microsoft, that back plus interest. Otherwise Microsoft would liquidate their company for failure to produce a product.

Is it scummy? Yeah.
But the game doesn’t require you to spend money to get better at the game, so in my opinion people are blowing this way out of proportion.

Blame Fortnite for being successful and making the business-types realize how dumb consumers really can be.

Epic Games were the first to make a Battle-Pass system and crap-shop where you were basically buying an NFT in the form of what character you played as in Fortnite.

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343i could easily have the OPTION of:

$10 a month all inclusive subscriprion


$20 per season Subscription


per Item purchases at a much more reasonable price for ultra exclusive stuff or silly cosmetics

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I’m not blaming another studio for influencing 343 to jump on the overpriced business models of casual cartoon games like Fortnite cause then we can just blame other games for every other type of bad decision

Ironically a ‘Multiteam + Big Team’ Battle Royale inspired mode with ODST drop pods, Ring mechanic Flood, Glassing the Perimeter ) and weapon/loot pickups wouldn’t have “ruined” Halo as some people claim, yet the big corporation monetization schemes of those Battle Royale games IS ruining the game.

IRONIC. They used the business model of Battle Royale titles yet didn’t even include the large scale 100 player, battlefield scale modes of those titles which makes it even WORSE.

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In hindsight that would be ideal, but they instead chose to follow the Fortnite model of marketing -

  • Free-to-Play PvP experience
  • Mostly empty Battle-Pass System
  • Full-Price PvE experience
  • Shop that sells you a reskinned version of the same thing you already have for $20 (3D NFTs as I like to call it)

Had Fortnite been just a PvE Zombie Shooter like it was originally supposed to be before someone in the dev team decided to make a Battle-Royale out of the game as well, this would be mostly a non-issue.

We are shoulder-to-shoulder with an alternate timeline where Fortnite was just a smalltime game that came out in 2017 and would’ve become irrelevant by 2019.
A timeline where no games have Battle-Pass systems.
A timeline where not every game needed a Battle-Royale Experience.

The marketing directors of Halo clearly looked at the business model of Fortnite, saw the success and dollar-signs, and then pushed the dev team to make it copy that system of cosmetic unlocks.

This business model doesn’t really work well on adults however, hence why Halo Infinite had some graphical restrictions put in place (no blood for example) so the ESRB would rate it at a Teen level and not a Mature level, allowing for more younger players free-access to the game and thus increase the chances of them spending their parent’s money on said game.

They made the assumption that Halo players were as much of a bunch of squeaky c@su@ls as many of the Fortnite player base is.

#1 rule: Know your customers.

Most Halo players grew up on classic shooters and game models from the 90’s through 2010’s and has higher standards and less tolerance for “shiny object syndrome” of games like Fortnite that capitalize on corny dances, emotes and other meaningless content that only has superficial appeal to “certain” types of gamers

When they said “hAlo iS fOr eVerYoNE” we all know what they REALLY meant is that they want to cater to Casual players from other Shallow franchises that are easy fodder for modern marketing tactics and flashy cosmetics, WHICH is why this game is rated T instead of M, and doesn’t have Lobbies and lobby chat so their softer crowd of new wave “gamers” don’t feel "hurt’ or “unaccepted” for being bad teammates, annoying or just cringe in general.

This Halo is tryna gain market share of players mostly into games like Minecraft, Fortnite and Roblox, not be loyal to OG Quake/Halo/Doom/Half-Life/Counterstrike players the game is meant for

Players of any game genre are obviously welcome in Halo, but Devs shouldn’t sell their soul to gain players from those IP’s by embracing annoying elements of those games’ subcultures, obnoxious monetization schemes or content and elements which make the feel and mood of Halo seem dumbed down to overly appease certain gamers who aren’t or weren’t long time players or fans

Example: ( the game has cat ears but no playable elites, and flashy cosmetics but barely any new vehicles )

Silly/goofy cosmetics seems like a priority over gameplay content like maps, vehicles, etc ( Style over Substance focused )

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A rule that only some of the dev team is beginning to follow.

Halo 4 decided to -

  • change the art style
  • change the soundtrack style
  • incorporate Call of Duty loadouts
  • include Halo Spartan-Ops

Halo 5 decided to -

  • double-down on the bad art style change
  • be cringe
  • be fanfiction
  • incorporate mobility-shooter aspects because Titanfall was cool

Halo Infinite decided to -

  • follow Fortnite’s marketing model

The majority of 343’s staffing doesn’t follow that rule.

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Ironically Halo 4 and the loadouts was actually way more fun that Infinite because it was more like having two pieces of starting equipment than being like Call of Duty’s system.

Spartan Ops sucked due to bad writing, Prometheans was Meh, but for a 360 game Halo 4 was damn good and the art style more grounded than Halo 5’s

The Campaign Story for Halo 4 was actually WAY better than Halo 5 and they should have stuck with the Didact as the Villain.

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100% on that part.

Which was the original goal… until in the final year of production Brian Reed rewrote the campaign to be what we have today.
His fanfiction made canon.

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Halo 5’s opening Cinematic was Amazing, if only the rest of the game didn’t have the Warden lameness, bad Cortana art-style and sloppy narrative overladen with too many characters.

The Guardians were awesome and would have made for AMAZING, Shadow of Collosss-style or Gears of War style boss battles esp if the Guardians were controlled by Didact and upgraded and IMPROVED Promethean gameplay

Locke’s team itself wasn’t bad, I liked the Sanghelios level, but having them tryna stop chief fell flat and felt too street fightery or like comic book style writing

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I’m more mad that Forge, Firefight, maps and primary secondary colours are missing than selling us armors.

Selling us armors, I don’t really give too much about actually.