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need i say more?


… but they are entirely optional.

Unlike EA’s Microtransactions of the 2010s where you had to buy them to get better at the game.

Or Mobile Game Microtransactions where the game was stacked so victory was only possible at a certain point by paying money.


you do make a fair point

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It would appear that I have a stalker named @Cryptic_Limbo who just loves to award the bait badge on all of my recent posts and not say anything. It is cute to have an admirer I suppose.


that’s quite odd i would say

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I thought you were saying 343 had produced a pile of crap at first, then I saw it was an ice cream


I’m like 95% sure he’s the one making all the accounts bashing Herm.

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This seems to be the so-called ‘AAA’ industry in general, or more specifically, the live disservice model of doing things. Interesting to note that it’s usually the companies that can afford to make that game several times over that add microtransactions, not the starving artists so to speak, who have significantly fewer resources and pull in the industry.

At least Halo: Infinite’s Season 1 Battle Pass is decent enough to warrant purchase, but that’s not the high praise 343i are in desperate need of right now.


Nah that’s the former Ebony_Worshipper, cryptic is most likely someone else, not too much verbiage similarity with the original accounts.

Edit: Upon a little digging, Cryptic_Limbo and Crying_Rambo is most likely Muck_Brown circumventing a ban like Ebony_Worshipper is doing with his alts.

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Making alt-accounts to get around being banned is also a bannable offense, and I see that they really have been cracking down on banning you since you have made this account two hours ago only for it to be suspended within the hour.

As for calling out users?
I’m pretty sure calling out the host of an legion of alt-accounts is something the Mods would like so they can actually ban the host account.


Bruh, imagine getting this angry over forum posts that he assembles an army of alts to put a “thats bait” emoji on his posts. Then tries to say him calling out the harassment can get him banned, then immediately gets banned for the account being an alt. L


I’ve had 31 badges from Cryptic_Limbo today. All of which seem to be “Thats Bait” and “Missed the Point”, even on posts that are just fun jokes. Such as how I made a Lord of the Rings joke. You know, since Halos are Rings?

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i doubt so. He responded to one of alt accounts bashing herm in sort of a negative way, but at the same time it seemed like he was being sarcastic at the same time.


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That is terrifyingly accurate.

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Except they aren’t. If you want to gain ANY cosmetics, they are all paywalled. Yes the battlepass is a paywall too.

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Got one from my post about If Servers got Region Locked, annoying like Herms obsession of a Moderator of this site

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Lol they are all optional, as is buying the game, or customizing your Spartan. That doesn’t mean that mtx aren’t a huge problem in the gaming industry, and it doesn’t refute the fact that this game suffers greatly due to the effort they’ve put into the store and mtx.

No there not optional. If I want a specific armour then there is no way to earn it. Blocking content behind a 2nd paywall is not optional. Can’t even use armour that I’ve been using since Halo 1 because of MT. That’s basically when I said “the line must be drawn here, no further!” :thinking:


So you are telling me that the game won’t let you play at all unless you buy a cosmetic item?

I said that cosmetic purchases are entirely optional.

Plus there are still the free cosmetics one can earn in the events and ultimate challenges.

You don’t NEED to customize your spartan to play the game.

I will say that it is annoying that 90% of the cosmetics are paywall so-far. But you don’t need to change your Spartan to be able to play the game.

I get some people don’t care but for me that was a deal breaker. Had enough of the predatory systems and had enough of the lack of content and I’ve had enough of being lied to about the Watchdog skin. I get some people don’t care about customisation but for me that matters and I’m not going to pretend it doesn’t just because some don’t care. When there is very little to do…all it’s doing is pushing me to play other games.

Right now the predatory system makes me believe I have no faith in their 10 year plan and I’m not sure I believe in a year plan at the moment due to how badly the population decline is on Steam. Haven’t played in about 2 months and I haven’t cared enough to go back yet.

Haven’t dropped a Halo game this fast since Halo 4. 343i knows they messed up just as bad nearly as BF2042 and yet acting like everything is ‘fine’ despite population on Steam nearly falling to 3k in about 2-3 months from 274k players.

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