Halo Infinite Ideas

So Halo Infinite is coming soon, what would you like to see introduced in the game? Could be anything ranging from the multiplayer side of things to the plot.

I’d like to see the lack of a sprint button

I want to see Chips Dubbo, Sergeant Stacker, Jerome-092, Isabel, Arbiter, Edward Buck and ODST Troopers coming back in the upcoming Halo Infinite. I also want to see classic weapons from the previous Halo video games coming back in the new Halo video game.

I want to see Invasion making a return

A forge mode where you can use weapons vehicles from all previous halo games I think it would be cool

i would love for them to keep infection as a actual playlist and i would also love for there to keep the thruster doge thing

Something that retcons Halo 5 as a dream, chief is still asleep on FuD and we get to do it all over again but this time better.

If for whatever reason they decide to go the “dual-character story” route again (like in Halo 2 & Halo 5: Guardians), then I’d like to play as a Forerunner. Here’s how it would be set up: at certain points in the game, the Master Chief finds five special terminals that let him/you play as a Forerunner during key moments of the Forerunner-Flood War. You’d use weapons like the Sentinel Beam, battle alongside Sentinels & Prometheans, and use various Forerunner vehicles as you battle various Flood forms across the galaxy. As for why there are only five, they would each represent five of the eight games the Flood appeared in by that point (Halo: CE, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo Wars, & Halo Wars 2: Awakening the Nightmare) and feature the various forms, structures, & gameplay they’ve utilized over the years (and carry over to each level):

Level 1: Pod Infectors, Forerunner Combat Forms, Carrier Forms, Proto-Gravemind (“Keyes-Blob” version)
Level 2: Pod Infectors that now abandon heavily-damaged combat forms & re-infest dead Flood bodies, Combat Forms that can hijack & use vehicles, Tadpoles, Flood biomass, Juggernauts
Level 3: Pod Infectors that can infest living or dead non-combat forms, Pure Forms, Flood Hives, Blisters, Tentacles, Dispersal Pods
Level 4: Flood structures (Colony, Den, Nest, Launcher, Stalk, Vent, Egg), Proto-Gravemind (Halo Wars version), Spore Clouds, Thrasher Forms, Swarm Forms, Bomber Forms
Level 5: Spore Mounds, Cocooned Forerunner Bases, Blightlands, Seeder Infectors, Bursters, Infesters, Spawners, Abominations, Gravemind

Also beating all five levels would unlock special Forerunner-themed armor pieces for your Spartan in multiplayer so you can finally have that “Class-12 Combat Skin” 343 Guilty Spark was going on about in the first game.

SPACE EXPLORATION ability to go to the different worlds I’ve always wanted to visit Sanghelios home world of the elites. But going back to reach or even Earth as well as the Rings would be amazing.

I’d also like to see the return of Spartan Ops. Not only that, but I’d like it to be a special “anniversary” version. I’m not talking about what they did with Halo’s 1 & 2, but more like something that celebrates the history of Xbox that uses elements of Halo: Combat Evolved, Brute Force, Halo 2, and any other sci-fi game that both appeared on the original Xbox & is directly owned by Microsoft. Things like weapons, OG character designs (I want to see the return of the classic CE Grunts & Jackals), ships & vehicles.

I’d like to see Infinite wrap up the Forerunner storyline. Wrap up the whole Created/Domain/Forerunner plot in a satisfying way (at least as satisfying as is possible with the absolute mess that is Halo 5’s story being the foundation) and leave the Banished as the new antagonists of the Halo universe. While I certainly enjoyed the Didact as a completely new enemy in Halo 4, I don’t think the Forerunners really make for an interesting enemy. Kill them off (along with Cortana, permanently this time) and leave the Banished as the new covenant for future games. Atriox was a very interesting antagonist for Halo Wars 2, so I think the foundation is there to make him the new Prophet of Truth type leader of the enemy. It’d also be fun to see the Brutes brought back and maybe even made the main enemies after they were completely forgotten about since 343 took over until Halo Wars 2.

-Invasion but instead of playable elites, there are playable brutes. That would honestly be so damn cool.
-Dual wielding please
-Open world campaign
-All legacy game modes at launch
-Forge to be way more advanced than Halo 5 but as user friendly as Reach
-Halo Reach/Halo 3 Style unlocks (Credits/achievements) to unlock armor. Also classic art style armor, or at least something real close.
-No microtransactions please (They ruined both Halo 5 and Gears 5)
-Chopper, Falcon/Hornet, Elephant, Mauler, Brute shot, Sentinel beam, plasma rifle, classic shotgun and classic BR to return
-No Equipment, Armour and or Spartan abilities besides maybe built in Sprint and clamber (Though I wouldn’t be fussed if they didn’t return either)
-Contradicting my previous point, i would like the bubble shield to return somehow, it’s too fun to let go.
-Jet Pack vehicle (Just like the Armour ability but bulkier and acts like a vehicle, could be fun for forge
-Dynamic weather for the campaign world
-Better UI (Be as nice looking and user friendly as Reach)
-Focused importance on File Share and sharing screenshots, videos, maps and gametypes.*
-343 Favorites (Like bungie favorites) maybe?*
-Military style rankings instead of numbers (Like 3 and Reach)
-Legendary campaign completion rewards
-Full emblem customization instead of Halo 5’s watered down version
-Nameplates returning from MCC
-NO MICROTRANSACTIONS (yes I am mentioning this twice)
-Just an all round great Halo game. I personally haven’t experienced this since Reach in 2010. Some since 2007 even. 2004?.. god forbid 2001 O_o

10 Years baby, bring it home 343! bring Halo back!

(I will be returning to this once Infinite releases and I have bought a series X and played it at launch. Don’t let down future me, also hello future me <3)

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> So Halo Infinite is coming soon, what would you like to see introduced in the game? Could be anything ranging from the multiplayer side of things to the plot.

how about infection but different gamemode versions of it like flood infection

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> SPACE EXPLORATION ability to go to the different worlds I’ve always wanted to visit Sanghelios home world of the elites. But going back to reach or even Earth as well as the Rings would be amazing.

i would be cool if we could control ships and even have big space battle that would be sick

  • Being able to play as Elite/Brute or whatever depending on game modes - If i am able to play as non spartan and i can customice it the colours of each one should be independent, maybe i want a green Spartan but a Red elite. Some colours didn’t find well on both at same time. - Invasion but with more variety of objectives. - The territories mode from Halo 4, i don’t remember the name, that one with bases and turrets. - Armor cammo - Rewards by completing challenges like the campaing on legendary, achievements or Laso things. - Firefight - Firefight forge - AI on forge, at least auto turrets. - The nameplates from the MCC are good, i think what they should come back, but the new ones, not the generic icon with a background. - Physic version of the game on PC. If i want a limited edition i don’t want to buy it on xbox when i want the game on PC, this is probably not going to happen but if i can buy a physic limited edition to steam or windows store (i prefeer steam of course, the windows store works very bad sometimes) i will buy it. - The microtransactions will probably be a thing, but i don’t want to pay 10€ to get a black visor or 25€ to get confeti. - The emblem like the MCC or olders games is fine but i guess what we should get an emblem editor like the older cods, Modern warfare changed that, probably to not have problems with ofensive emblems and for being able to add emblems to the battle pass. - The spartans ops are fine, i think what they should be back. - If the spartans ops are back i think what we should had a spartan ops forge, something like custom campaing. - If the Arbiter is playeable on campaing don’t give him a flashlight. - Add forge limitations for who can use forge mode, something like “Only host, Friends, everyone” - Add ODST helmet

Multiplayer announcer customisable into personal A.I.

A further rundown of things I’d like to see added:

  1. Special levels where you play as a Forerunner during the Forerunner-Flood War
  2. Return of Spartan Ops
  3. Classic Grunt design (I liked the CE & H2 Grunts but not the Halo 3 variant)
  4. Brute Force-style squad controls (should the squad mechanic from Halo 5 return in some fashion)
  5. Brute Force assets in general added (weapons, species, characters, etc.)
  6. Vehicles from both the Halo Wars games and the Kestrel from Spartan Strike included
  7. More Promethean constructs, vehicles, & weapons (they’re here to stay so deal with it)
  8. Return of the Didact
  9. Ability to choose the armor Master Chief wears in the campaign (classic CE, the Halo 2/3 version seen in the trailers, and the Halo 4/5 armor)
  10. Human enemies (they were brought back in other media so it’s time they showed up in the games)
  11. Drivable Scarabs & Mammoths
  12. Dual Wielding
  13. The return of Halo 3-style equipment along with armor abilities
  14. The return of either ODST’s VISR system or the flashlight (the latter can be made into an armor ability)
    15, New Covenant/Banished races based on those scrapped from Halo’s CE, 2, & “Titan”.

For multiplayer, I hope that they’ll continue providing a CSR division system like Halo 5 has. One thing that has kept 5 fresh for so long is that I can set a goal for myself of improving my competitive ranking. That, and of course the return of my beloved Needle Rifle (probably a longshot, but I have to BELIEVE).

I mentioned this already, but I for one would like to see the use of alternate armors for Master Chief added in the game. They could either be just skins or they can come with unique abilities. If the latter, then here’s how I’d like to see them done:

  1. Mjiolnir Mark V (the classic Combat Evolved armor): Increases ammo capacity for all weapons (600 MA5B Assault Rifle rounds for everybody!), flashlight

  2. Mjiolnir Mark VI/GEN 3 (the Halo 2 & 3 armor that’s been seen in the trailers): Dual-wielding, can use equipment, longer flashlight duration

3: Mark VI Gen 2 (the Halo 4 & 5 armor): Armor abilities, enemy attacks won’t force you out of scope

You ask what new things I want to see in Halo Infinite and most I can come up with is what I wouldn’t want to see.

I don’t want to see the list of mechanics and features go up and up exponentially with each Halo game. Am I the only one still subscribed to the “less is more” principle? I don’t want there to be 420 different weapons and 69 different vehicles, I want that number to be determined by the roles that need to be filled mechanically in the game not by devs trying to impress us by how many things from past Halo games they can bring back. I also don’t need a million different enemy models that have virtually no mechanical difference between them. There is no need for useless novelty features like sprint or charge, get rid of these spartan abilities and introduce equipment into the game as single-use pickups scattered about the map.

The campaign doesn’t need to overstay its welcome, it shouldn’t exceed around 15 hours. If they’re doing open world now, they could at least make sure it feels like a Halo experience, not like a Ubisoft experience. I don’t want to see any crafting or weapon mods, no outpost captures, no formulaic game design in general. Every combat encounter should be hand-crafted and unique in some way. The story doesn’t need to “subvert our expectations” in any bold or unnecessary way, Halo’s story should remain simple and setting-driven, so no more humanizing the chief (I think we’ve had enough of that). I want to see a focus on the military aspect of things and camaraderie, heroism and getting things done despite insurmountable odds. No trying to explore deep, humanistic themes and pointless melodrama, this is a game about a big green man that shoots things and gets -Yoink- done.

When it comes to MP, we don’t need 666 different, un-polished game modes. A handful of robust, polished, well crafted game modes at launch and a neat selection of unique 15-20 maps is more than enough.