Halo Infinite Ice unicorn Emblem

I successfully participated in the 343 playdate back in flighting and still haven’t received the Ice Unicorn Emblem, Does anyone know when this should appear in my account? Has anyone received theirs yet? Any Information on this would be highly appreciated

Glad I’m not the only one experiencing this issue, weirdest part is a few of my mates who I was playing with when we matched them got theirs, still yet to receive mine though.

Would highly appreciate if the team could look into this, I’d be happy to provide proof :slight_smile:

Nope… turns out I am just really dumb and was for some reason logged into my old account when playing the flight on steam… Im so upset.

This account is the account with Ice Unicorn… but I don’t use this account. I use Computurtle3190 for Game Pass and have already bought the 5000 + 600 credits package on that account otherwise I would totally just start using this account again…

If there is anyway to remove Ice Unicorn from this account and apply it to my other account Computurtle3190 I would be forever grateful. I fully agree to having it removed from this account (and having it applied to my new account)

Im so dumb .-.

^^^ This is unfortunately true… please 343 if you could fix my stupid mistake :c I was so pumped about Ice Unicorn