Halo Infinite - Home page Braille clue?

Noticed there seems to be Braille on the main Halo Waypoint home page for Halo Infinite…

Did a online image translation and it came out as:

  1. ≡andy v∥\46/\46/ChchCHCH\46/\46/’-kk

Not sure if this is a hidden meaning under another that needs decrypting or mistranslation. I guess 'Andy could be relation to Andy Dudynsky and as for 46 I’m not sure. Any idea’s what this could mean?

Good eye, but its not braille. Braille only consists of dots:

⠠⠓⠑⠇⠇⠕ ⠠⠺⠕⠗⠇⠙⠖
(Hello World!)

The Waypoint front page has a selection of dashes and evenly spaced dots:

''  '  ''

Keep an eye out though, if 343 are planning an ARG, now is the time to do it!

Yeh I guess so. Though I haven’t seen this anywhere else on the website yet. I guess probably best to wait on next public post they make to see if they add any more hidden messages.