Me Including many other players have experienced extremely high ping in Big team battles normally starting at 280ms - 350ms.

It’s like the matchmaking system connects you to NA servers 80% of the time, I feel that its should prioritize your connection strength and stability like having a limit for not reaching above 250ms in any game mode.

I’m from South Africa and the entire Halo community here is heartbroken because of this Issue and not just us but Australia is having the exact same issue we would really like to simply be able to connect to Local Servers or EU servers as that’s what we’re used to play on.

We would rather wait a few minutes for a match than connecting to match that is unplayable.
We sincerely hope that this can be fixed as we love Halo and would love to support Halo Infinite for an infinite amount of time.

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Also note that this isn’t just on Big Team Battles. I have been getting matched to >= 250ms servers for all match types.

Having the same problem. There is SA servers but 70% of the time I get put in 300ms ping servers