Halo Infinite Has What It Takes

Halo has what it takes to be the best on the market. The base experience is tremendous. The shop, customization, lack of playlists, and some maps need work.

Fun. Exciting. Man, you guys made a great weapon and equipment sandbox. I can’t wait for forge and custom games.

However, collision on enemies needs to be fixed. I’m OK with teammates moving through me- but I can’t stand sword lunging through enemies like they’re air. Only true con while physically playing the game.

Here’s a 40-second video with some glitches and sadness caused by the game:

Desperately needed. This ties into the challenge system as well. Having “Complete 3 Stockpile Games” and not queuing into one feels bad. As a result, I’d jump into Big Team and then drop out if it wasn’t a Stockpile game. My teammates lose a player; I lose time switching matches. This would be immediately resolved with playlists.

I’m not the only one who does this. And I need to emphasize: adding penalties to players who do this when your design encourages it, is wrong. Do not start punishing game-start quitters. Add playlists. Sooner rather than later.

Arena: Good. Behemoth still reigns as the best. Most feel good, but a few such as Aquarius, Recharge, and Streets feel very boxy-samey to me. Lots of grenade spam on these maps.

Big Team Maps: Mediocre. Fragmentation is the worst of the three, in my opinion. Spawns always feel too far from the action. The vehicle lanes are cramped and unideal.
The best by far is Highpower. Solid driving lanes, good base distance but still easy for players to get back into the action, and overall, really solid.
But all maps look too similar- with Deadlock looking the best and most distinct of all three. But no map just lets vehicles go wild. None have the openness of Behemoth or classics, like Sandtrap and Blood Gulch.

And none allow for real freedom for the Wraith, Chopper, and Scorpion, including High Power.

Which leads to vehicle spawning.

It’s just not that fun to have scorpions and wraiths drop and get executed immediately. Balancing them to have way more health and armor doesn’t seem right; they just need safer, more balanced drop locations.

Challenges & XP:

Thanks for lowering the difficulty for challenges. The hard ones would be great to return at some point, but in another format. Overall the system still feels grindy and stressful, and the XP per game doesn’t change that. I want to emphasize my appreciation for the team launching early and giving us a killer game. Now give us a reason to stick around.

Because as of right now, this progression ain’t it, Chief.

There are plenty of Reddit posts that say Halo MCC had this right and I’d largely agree.

The challenges in MCC feel attainable, don’t limit my desire to play other maps and modes, and provide meaningful rewards ON TOP of an XP system that rewards getting medals, doing well, and winning games.

Allowing for long-term, difficult seasonal challenges are great for players to aspire to. Fun, generic weeklies are great. And allowing for all challenges to be accessible at all times (not visible later in a queue) is necessary. If I have access to all challenges, I don’t feel the need to grind out my 10 commando challenges at once. I can get them organically as I play. If I have the queue, I feel the need to complete the Commando challenges ASAP so I can have access to the other, more rare/difficult challenges.

For example, last week I had a “Shock-chain 4 enemies at once.” I did this a game or two before I unlocked access to this challenge. That felt bad. But completing that challenge would have felt great, were it on my always available list.

To conclude this thought: give access to the full challenge list from the get-go. Then you can allow for more difficult challenges that award 500+XP.

Tying weekly rewards to completing ALL challenges feels bad, too. Make it 10/12, like MCC does, with the ultra-difficult challenges feeling optional and not mandatory.

Expand daily challenges. With large swaths of XP right at the gate. Allow for more incentive to jump in every day, even if friends can’t come together. As of right now, there is no reason to do this. This doesn’t cause FOMO, this is rewarding the faithful.

And make wins give more XP. I am literally queuing into certain games just to complete challenges. That ruins it for my team and for everyone playing the game.

Finally, include Reach/H:5’s Commendation system as well. It’s great to end a game and see that I just got my 10th Stalker Rifle kill. Or go and check and maybe I need one more Mangler kill to get that commendation… It’s a great way to reward players in the short, mid, and long-term for playing the game. Literally is extra dopamine for next to no work on the player’s part.

These absences are felt and they hurt deep. And they wouldn’t feel so bad were customization not so painfully limited at the present moment. It means people are solely tied to this as a sense to make their Spartan accessible.

Armor Cores:

I love the concept of Cores. Having the ability to swap between multiple cores that I chose and perfectly designed? That’s rad. I really like it. I want it to stay.

But know what I don’t want to stay?

Limited/Re-selling Colors and attachments across cores.
This is deplorable. Worst of the worst stuff here.

Making me earn the color red (brick, maroon, scarlet) three times (and in some cases, these look identical to the default colors) across cores is disgusting. Further, shipping shoulder pads separately or as separate tiers, and splitting thematic gear from the BP/Event and the Store feels very predatory and overall uncool.

Some of the other issues may be resolved as time moves on and more content is available to the free and paying community. But this is not. Allow colors to work across cores. Like challenges, this needs to be addressed ASAP, ideally before Dec. 8.

Battlepass and Unlocks:

I’m confused why there’s nothing of substance for F2P players to sink their teeth into. And why legacy players, who would’ve paid $60 for the game, don’t get any of the classic customization options we know and love.

Like, let’s look at the ODST helmet. Great looking helmet. Cool design. Locked behind the battle pass. Same with MkVI, Chief’s helmet. And Recon and more.

Then you have the Yoroi armor- something that feels cool, unique, fresh… But everyone who hasn’t bought the BP and plays will likely wear it. Because it’s all they have. And thus the uniqueness is immediately squandered by this cool new armor.

Why is this? Why are core parts of the series locked behind a paywall and new design options the only thing all players have access to? It feels completely backwards.

Giving F2P players the classic options to earn would’ve gone a long way at building goodwill with that community. Another missed opportunity. Hopefully these options are unlockable via campaign for the base Spartan core.

Event Pass

Another whiff. It’s ludicrous I can’t spend my Thanksgiving playing your game and being rewarded for it with a completed Event pass. Maximizing the pass to 7 levels a week is bad. It causes so much FOMO. I’ve never looked at an event and had to think “Will I be able to play two months from now?” to earn a meager few more levels.

I have the time now. The pass and content has been created. Why can’t I, the player, be rewarded for wanting to earn it and use it now?


Thanks for reading. I want the game to succeed. You want it to succeed. The community is rallying behind you guys as you’ve made the best shooter to release this year (with stiff competition, I may add).

Don’t let the game suffer needlessly. The community will forgive and have your back if even one or two of these are fixed come launch Dec. 8th (with the predatory shop and challenges still being the highest priority, IMO). If you address and give a timetable for fixes, the frustration will simmer (though there will always be some rage).

Please keep iterating, communicating, and making this game the 10/10 it deserves to be.


Such thoroughness! Fantastic points all around. It’s refreshing to hear from someone who cares, but also doesn’t feel the need to scream negativity about it.

I think the gameplay and sandbox are trash with majority of weapons sucking but to each their own…

I really like your suggestions on challenges. I have felt disappointed that some of the difficult upcoming challenges don’t get credited when I’ve completed the conditions earlier on (I.e end a killing spree) agree with the capstone being accessible after a certain percentage completed.