Halo Infinite has been a massive disappointment

This is coming from a long time fan of the series. I played the original Halo on original Xbox in 2001 when it came out, and basically every other day I could get my hands on it until I graduated. I have loved this series for over 20 years. But man, 343… you really dropped the ball on this one.

The lack of armor at the beginning is insulting. With nearly all the different armor you can get behind a “premium battle pass” is just asinine. Oh, I just have to complete specific objectives to attain new levels? Instead of just getting xp for normal matches like nearly every other game in existence? Horrible idea. Well at least instead of different armor options I have plenty of “challenge swaps” to use. Man, that’s gonna look so good on the mantle. I cannot believe you guys stooped that low. While we’re on the armor topic, whoever is making the new stuff…scrap your process. Either get someone else on it, or completely change your ideas of what Halo armor should look like. Cause this is not it. The new stuff looks awful. Like Halo 3 gugnir helmet awful. Cat ear helmet… dear Lord I can’t imagine what moron made that monstrosity. It does not belong in Halo. This isn’t some millenial meme platform. Take pride in your work, for the love of all things FPS.

I haven’t played in months because this game has been such a let down. Now that I wanted to give it a new, fair shake… I’m reminded of why I don’t play.

Nearly a year and co-op still isn’t a thing, there are no other modes, and your fire effects look so bad In pretty sure I could have done a better job. I sincerely hope you as a company decide to deliver quality content to the fans, or abandon ship and give Halo back to someone else. You’re running it into the ground


Honest recommendation: Come back in 2 Years.

I can almost guarantee it will be enough of a break for the “Halo itch” to need to be scratched and the game should be in a supremely better state, with many more ways for you to have the genuine fun you’re looking for.

Can’t do a lot to help your cosmetic opinions, but by that point there should be a better variety of armor at the very least.