Halo infinite has 3 issues

  1. Plz make a way to get credits for free.
  2. Make a multiplayer game for new players because on my first multiplayer battle ever I was playing with competitive players.
  3. I wish there was at least 2 sets of armour at first so you can make a cool spartan.

I really want a easier multiplayer mode for new players.

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there not need to make a new game mode for only new players.

what new players most do is start learning things for exemple the campaign mode is a good thing to learn a lot off things.

I Can’t afford the campaign

Credits for free kind of goes against the grain of them actually making money (and thus making more content). But I hear it works in other games?

There is SBMM so the system will find your skill level and match appropriately. It doesn’t take long - so hang in there. Plus you will improve pretty quickly. In the mean time there is an option to run vs bots (and you can change their level).

More armour bits and sets are coming.

THREE??? :joy:

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I’m almost 12 by 1 week and 1 day and my parents won’t let me spend money in games

I have played halo 3s campaign but I never got to play multiplayer.

there is also the academy tutorial if you wane learn how each weapons are working in halo infinite.
and if thats not good then you need to start learning what we all have done and are doing still.

I’ve played that too
But thanks though

Sensible parents!

You’ll get the chance to waste your own money soon enough.

There are free bits of armour and coatings to earn as you go. Your Spartan will look cool enough.

Keep practising. Hit the academy and practice the shooting range and vs bots.

Thank you so much! :grinning::grinning:

And watch some tutorial videos. I’m not that good a player, and way older than you, but I still learnt a lot.

Shyway does some excellent ones.

I still win sometimes I do play with my twin bro. We figured out how to play multiplayer with split screen

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no problem.

but skill is something you only learn from playing it and keep making mistake’s is only good and you learn from it thats the only thing new players can do is.

its the same when people starting to master some weapons and use then good its the same with vehicles that when you master then good there become strong.

Thank you for advice

there is Bot arena bro

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  1. Jerry Hook, the head of design at 343 hinted that they are going to make this possible in the future
  2. Bot bootcamp allows 4 human players to face off against 4 bots at the Marine level, this would be a great place to start after you do the tutorial
  3. There are 3, 2 for free 1 you need to pay

Halo Infinite doesn’t have enough color customisation for spartans.

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You can always ask players for help in the game afterwards and some people are willing to go into a custom game and perhaps help you see what you aren’t seeing in the matches.

A good way to see this for yourself though, Is to look at your past match in theater mode and compare your POV to the best players POV across a few games. See what it is that they’re doing differently than you, then attempt to understand the “why” of their decisions.

Theres basic stuff like aiming, strafing, grenade traps, the strengths and weaknesses of weapons and stuff as well. It all takes time and even then it’s just reality that we all eventually reach our peak and can’t get any better. Being a new player though would mean you have a lot of skill you can gain, and the process can be made fun. If you’ve played halo for a long time, on the flip side it’s way more common to just hit that skill ceiling and become frustrated to just not improve anymore or see the progress bar in rank move up anymore.

Good luck

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