halo infinite gun review

okay since I didn’t get a survey, I feel like I’ve been under sold here. hopefully someone from 343I will see this, here is a summed-up assessment of the tech preview I had the privilege to play in, I also could not post my original report because, i kept getting an error saying " error try again later" even though i am consistence within the word count. anyway i would like to see how the community thinks of my critique
I think where they are going with the game is good, I will try to walk through and talk about weapons, art-style, and cosmetics. I will be starting with the gun overview first.

UNSC faction guns

  • The AR looks and sounds great, it is a strong close to mid-range weapon, and is easy to use. Although it has some long-range capabilities, and this is where most people accuse it of being overpowered, I think the damage range should be capped down to the close to mid-range meta, and then gun should be perfect, and not too overwhelming to go up against. - The BR also looks and sounds great, and it is balanced in my opinion. I do think the gun’s burst of fire could be slightly increased but it’s a perfect gun, and it is moderately hard to use, it is optimal for mid to long range fights, and can even perform up close engagements, making it a reliable and versatile weapon as it should be in the game’s history. - the rocket launcher is also cool, sounds and feels good, it’s a great power weapon to use. - the sniper is also easy to use, although I think you should increase the reticle size by like 1 percent to make it easier to aim for no scopes. - the sidekick lives up to its name, it’s a great secondary weapon to use up close, and can perform mid-range in engagements, if the people is skilled enough, I rate this gun easy to use - the vk commando is a unique gun with problems, yes its OP but if can land your shots, it is stated in-game that it’s a precision rifle, but it requires immense aim to use, and there are so many misplace shots, and it kicks like an Ak47 in real life, no joke I mean this gun should be a mid-range weapon, overall this gun is hard to use and takes time to get used to it, like you must train yourself to use it. - the bulldog is fun to use, and I like the spray and rush element to it. I would say it’s a moderate difficult gun.UNSC faction conclusion

  • I really like the sound and weapon designs of the UNSC guns, and I appreciated the more realistic sound of them, they definitively, do feel like a real gun like there human being made and from earth.Covenant faction guns

  • the pulse carbine is op if you can land your hits and is worth picking up if you know how to use it. - the plasma pistol is weak, but it’s mostly been like that through the entire game history and is usually used for noob shots and EMPs. The gun is easy to use but useless if you were to use the weapon objectively. - the gravity hammer is epic, feels like a real mallet, do not think you should do anything else - the skewer is a great weapon to pick up, works like the rail gun, but it’s just epic to use, it’s also easy. - the heat wave is cool, I say make it 1 shot 1 kill up close like the scatter and this thing will be a community favorite in every game. - the ravager is a bit confusing to use, I never got a kill with it, I think it’s a campaign weapon. - the needler does its job and is fast, on dispatching a target.covenant faction gun conclusion

  • they feel exotic and alien to use, just make sure they sound like covenant weapons.gun overview conclusion,
    I think the vk commando needs alot of work, like increase the magazine capacity, and also the just sheer function it plays in the multiplayer meta, it is trying to be an assault rifle for long range engagement but it is hard to place shots with this gun, I mean in the live action multiplayer it takes longer time to aim at real players, and that can be punishing if you fail to place shots even if your perched somewhere and got the advantage. Honestly in my opinion I do not see why you should bring in the halo 5 DMR, it was a great weapon to use in big team battles and can work more than fine at long range engagements. The ravager needs work too, but I barely got to play with it in the multiplayer, so I am out of words on that one. also, the vk commando has a red dot sight but scopes in like a BR which is strange considering it has a red dot sight, just add ADS animations, or do something different like a smart-link ADS, and make it 25 bullets instead of 20, because I will run out of ammo on an individual target, and I would be like 1 shot left to finishing the player off, totally a bummer.

game-play mechanic
Like I said before this game is going somewhere, and it has potential, but the multiplayer was so coarse, I do believe the base movement speed is ridicules, and strafing is out of control a tad bit. I think you should make the base movement speed and sprint similar to halo 4’s speed of movement, I also think the speed of climber should be slightly faster, like that in halo 5. The controls are evolutionary for halo and that is a good thing honestly, it feels like halo 5 and halo reach, but a faster paced reach

power weapons, and equipment,
I really love how 343I has made it feel like weapons, and equipment are scarce and important for the players to obtain, and I do get this urge that I need to pick these weapons up for power, and I really love that experience. 343I did an excellent job with everyone having based starts, and having to collect the items scattered across the map, they get an A+

aesthetic and art style
the graphics are amazing, it really feels like you are a super solider in the great outdoors, and that is very akin to what halo is and they need to persevere that. The art style is amazing I heard their art references are from halo reach and that a suitable place to start. Halo reach had the best armor design, just compare halo 4’s EOD helmet and Halo reach’s EOD can you see that helmets were much more fleshed out and designed, I am only speaking for the betterment of halo’s longevity guys you can criticize me for this one. my only critique is the armor designs, on some of the helmets lower face guard being a bit too bulky, but overall A+ for art style.

The amount of work that went into this is unreal. Hats off to you for putting in the time for this.

Watching streams of Halo Infinite I thought that the BR looked and acted really clean. I believe that this game is going to very successful once launch happens!


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> The amount of work that went into this is unreal. Hats off to you for putting in the time for this.
> Watching streams of Halo Infinite I thought that the BR looked and acted really clean. I believe that this game is going to very successful once launch happens!
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haha, thank you. Bruh i Hope someone from 343I sees this, and plus i did it on Microsoft word and i had a lot of format issues