halo Infinite Graphic menu video settings input delay bug?

I don’t know if anyone has been experiencing this or has any knowledge on the topic.

Every time I start up halo infinite my input lag/responsiveness is inconsistent, sometimes booting up and controls feel very responsive, quick and crisp. Other times feels like there is input delay. To correct this I go into video settings and change something ie: graphic settings. For this specific scenario I’ve been using “Animation quality”. For example, I boot up halo and go into academy mode, I notice some input delay, I go into settings and change animation quality to : auto OR :max, either or. As long as I change a setting. Then my controls become very responsive.

It is very inconsistent. I can start with no input delay, and sometimes I do. Regardless I have to go into video settings and change " A setting". Does anyone know the cause or fix for this? It is very annoying to have to play around with settings every time I boot up Infinite.