Halo Infinite got me playing Destiny 2 again. Not good

Disappointed with the lack of player customization and a co-opless campaign I decided to pick up Destiny again.

When your ‘micro’- transactions make DESTINY seem worthwhile then you have made a major error in your cost-benefit analysis.

Good job.


I mean, Destiny 2 doesn’t have he audacity to charge your for the color pink lol


Going off your title :joy:

I was laughing because D2 is literally broken in every aspect of it, but I guess the good news is the shop is up and running well👍


Maybe not, but they’ll strategically take their game off of game pass right when the 30th anniversary edition comes out to make you buy that to keep playing. While the next big expansion is just a couple months around the corner which you’ll have to also buy if you want to keep playing.

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i quite destiny 2 when they announced that dungeons would be a sepperate charge while keeping the base xpac the same price. After already taking exotics and exotic missions like dead mans tale out of base expansions and adding them to seasons. Its like they are stripping content from the xpac while still charging the same amount and then selling content that used to be included sepperatly. And they are getting more and more gready. Next new guns and new strikes will also have their own prices. And even after that rant and how BS i think bungie and destinys greedy practices are…

I too have been playing destiny again. i have so much customization here. and now a BR (bxr-55)

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Oh, make no mistake, Destiny2 isn’t without major problems. But if we’re talking microtransactions…Infinite simply crapped the bed. That Mister Chief bundle is worth almost as much as that 30th Anniversary pack to the MS bean counters anyway.


If they don’t get their -Yoink!- together, The Witch Queen is right around the corner too. :grin:

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At least Destiny gives you an incentive to play and explore PvE, and compete in PvP. Actual rewards and loot. Infinite has neither. Nothing to explore, no incentive to fight enemies, no desire to grind challenges, and zero reason to put effort into doing well and win PvP matches. It’s sad.


If Destiny 2 is so good why isnt there a Destiny 3

There was going to be, but it was more profitable to sunset the first half of Destiny 2 and keep milking battle passes and expansion passes. Halo Infinite is probably going to do the same for the next 10 years.


They can sunset Behemoth right now. I don’t need to wait a few years.

(Co-op aside)

You mean the franchise that took one and a half games to get microtransactions and customization almost right?

Among other countless missteps of course.

I guess there’s hope for Halo after all.

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However long Bungie took to get whatever they have now is miles better than what Infinite does now and is undoubtedly and unfortunately a game who’s price tag and gameplay loop allows for a better player experience

Maybe in 2 and a half games 343i can get microtransactions almost right too

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Halo Infinite needs to take some more pointers from Destiny, since Halo Infinite is already a bootleg Destiny but worse

Coatings should work like Shaders, across all armors, weapons, and vehicles, maybe even AI

Campaign needs events, side missions, side story, and loot. Otherwise enemies are standing around doing nothing and guarding nothing, giving players no reason to fight them or explore for secrets

Store needs a free earnable currency for a free cosmetics shop section like Bright Dust in Eververse

Multiplayer needs a rank system and a rewarding system for players that do well

We should have bonus weekly challenges for things to do in Campaign, like kill new bosses, or fight certain enemies, kill enemies with headshots, back smacks, etc, like MCC and Destiny has

Halo Infinite influenced me to stop playing Destiny after 7 years.

PvP in D2 was neglected for more than 2 years. It is a complete dumpster fire. PvE is not much better. Bungie continues to increase the grind, nerf appropriate weapons, and increase the difficulty of killing enemies.

I felt sad about leaving D2, but after observing the trend over a long period, I realized that I was wasting my time on the game.

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A bit off topic - but will the Halo items in Destiny 2 be obtainable forever?

I’d like to check it out sometime, but not if there are deadlines.

I understand some items cycle out, but if the Halo ones do too I have no interest in checking the game out again whatsoever.

Wow, I’m sorry your game library’s so rough that Destiny 2 of all games is your go-to pick.

They took it off Gamepass because their deal with MS ended and they didn’t want to renew it anymore, not because of some secret ulterior motive.

The Halo weapons are gonna be here forever yes. Destiny doesn’t sunset your weapons anymore

The event is easy to grind and if you’re looking for a good god roll BR id suggest running for BR with a perpetual motion/Adrenaline Junkie roll with a stability masterwork

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Do you have any suggestions?