Halo Infinite Glitch unlocks Campaign Co-op

Last month, 343 Industries revealed that Halo Infinite’s campaign co-op would be delayed until sometime in 2022. The Xbox developer hasn’t revealed a more concrete release window just yet, but at least one player has discovered a way to enjoy the campaign with a friend! Apparently, a new glitch in the game allows two players to jump into the campaign with one another ahead of the official release. Images of the glitch were shared to the game’s subreddit, but apparently those that discovered it “did it by accident and are currently looking into how to replicate it.”
In the Reddit post it was revealed that they were playing campaign Co-op on an Xbox Series S. The glitch wasn’t exactly a glitch rather than a reveal of embedded code in the game.

So here are the big questions:
Did 343 already make a full game? And if so, why are they releasing features later and later? Did 343 have faith that the game would land well with fans if they had released all the features? Or did they think the game wouldn’t be a supported by a player base unless they added “new” features throughout time?

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My understanding is that the glitch has a lot of issues with it. I don’t think 343 is intentionally withholding a functioning co-op from us.

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One guy said all the fobs are broken, same for the missions too.

I believe they purposely gutted it from release, like they gutted the season pass ; Just to release it later on as a “ New “ feature to draw in the player base to boost the population up.


I want to say this too “tin foil hat” territory… But with how openly blatant the game is meant to prey on whales and players, I am starting to think it’s possible.

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I fully agree with this, the game had a worse launch than The Master Chief Collection and Halo 5 in my opinion.


Uh… Worse than MCC? You recall that you couldn’t even play MCC on launch, right? How is this even close to that bad?

The MCC was playable for me and ALOT OF PEOPLE ; A fair amount had connection issues, but the game was PLAYABLE from Campaign and Multiplayer ; So what are you talking about???

With Infinites release, a fair amount of people are having connection issues from Campaign and multiplayer with the game crashing or not connecting.

OK, sure. You apparently remember MCC launch very differently than I do.

Obviously you had connection issues where I didn’t. So that sounds like a you problem and not mine.

We’re not talking about you and me, we’re talking about the player base as a whole.
Regardless, our conversation has nothing to do with the topic of the thread, so I’ll desist from further digressions.

HINTS why I excluded everyone and kept it to you and me here… So again, what are you talking about???

What a joke lol. This literally isn’t remotely pertaining to the thread. If you wanna bash it out do it somewhere else.

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