Halo Infinite gameplay is fun but I have some questions. [ATTN 343 DEVS]

Of course we should just enjoy the game by itself right? But for some of us (apparently the minority) we enjoy being able to unlock things. Backgrounds, nameplates, whatever it is from our time invested in the game. Yes the season pass may represent time spent in the game for those of us who don’t purchase it, but this seems to be all there is.

My friends and other Halo fans usually agree there is a charm to seeing somebody who has cool customizations and is a good player and saying to ourselves "Wow, how do I get that nameplate/helmet/weapon skin etc… " The Halo stats website, and Steam/Xbox achievements are the sole representation of someone’s accomplishments in game that I can tell so far.

I have been a halo fan since Halo 1. My dad loved it and taught me to play when I was eight. Despite playing for this long I am not a pro or even the best of the amateurs. Often I would perform in matches middle of the pack, and in a game like Halo: Reach I would level up at a decent pace. But for someone like me there was a huge satisfaction when I would have a good game and get a running riot or an overkill and see I got more xp than usual. That coupled with the hype of having a good game was very enjoyable.

Now in Halo Infinite I could go 1-20 and get two challenges and get decent progress on the season journey. But I can also get an Invincible and a killionaire and get zero progress. Which to me is less than satisfying.

I understand most of the Halo community doesn’t care about the lamentations of a crybaby internet nerd.

Know there is no shortage of complaints I could make about this game. NONE of them gameplay related.

That being said, this is a hailmary to 343 devs who care about the products they make.

What made 343 say “no” to the Halo Reach commendations system for tracking progress?

What made 343 say “no” to a base level system outside the battle passes?

What do we do after we complete the season levels?

Will performance based progression ever be considered?

What creative liberties if any, did 343 have with the designing of customizations in this game and the lack of ability to unlock the actual good looking ones through gameplay?

Is the decision to turn Halo into a department store of weapon/armor skins where spending money is paramount, made above 343i? Or was is the lead developer’s idea?