Halo Infinite Free Battle Pass Sucks

I know the main topic of discussion in regards to the battle pass and what’s being said of infinite as a whole is how slow it is to level up. Which don’t get me wrong is a pressing factor and does need to be addressed and fixed soon.

But there’s something else that really hasn’t sat well with me ever since the multiplayer beta was released on Monday. And that’s really how there’s nothing really in the free battle pass except challenge swaps and the occasional amour piece.

There are only two helmets in this whole pass. For a game placing emphasis on player expression, two free helmets are extremely disappointing. ( I do love the trailblazer and the mark vii helmet don’t get me wrong but they are 80+ on the pass).

I think this is also particularly insulting as customisation options that were free on the flights now have to be paid for.

To make this worse on Reddit today someone calculated all the free slots on the battle pass and how many are customisation options and how many are challenge swaps.

40/66 items on the pass are challenge swaps. This is ridiculous honestly. There’s no way to gain in-game currency unlike warzone or Fortnite other free to play games that utility battle passes.

I know the main response to this would be well just pay for the battle pass. But that’s not going to resolve the issue. I know 343 has said there are other challenges and ways to unlock armour for free outside the battle pass but as it stands there’s really nothing. This also ruins any incentive to stick with the game as there’s next to nothing to unlock.

I’ve heard that there will be armour unlocks for the campaign. But that still requires purchase and provides no incentive to play the multiplayer.

Honestly, this has been something that has really frustrated me with infinite and I hope there will be more free options. I’m not asking for there to be any reason to play for the premium pass. But to enjoy the game and progression it really feels like you have to.

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