Halo Infinite Forge Map Remakes List

I have Halo Infinite Danger Canyon up and running right no
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Yo, now that we have bigger canvas to work with in infinite, I imagined Zanzibar or stone town modified or upgraded with a surrounding terrain, say that vehicles could drive around the camo/bubbleshield tower wall to behind the big base. Idk if you guys can see it perspectively, but Zanzibar and the other remakes we’ve played on “could” be the first half of a greater map with a dirt road going thru and around it in like a number “8” form. Then the big base would be the middle base where each team would start at sea wall or another new spot on the other side of the big base. Maybe have 2 camp fromans or something for symmetry.

Just an idea, but infinite isn’t big on stalemate back n forth gun battle as we have seen with btb map Breaker. Not saying Breaker isn’t a fun map, but I believe normal Zanzibar will play like that.

Whoever is making these BTB forge maps, please make the weapons and vehicle spawn times realistic to the matchmaking BTB settings, the custom games are sort of too hectic with nothing but heavy weapons and tanks. It feels like BTB Heavies every game. Guess it’s not bad to test the map out. But some of us are done testing and want that legit big team nostalgic battle without dodging tank bullets every life… Tanks should be 1 on each side, bout every 4 to 5 minutes, and heavy weapons should be like 1:30-2 minutes. Br and commandos should be like 45 seconds and anything else should be like 30 or 40 seconds. It’s not rocket science. You just put no thought into equilibrium of gameplay

I got you, bro, but if you ask me, I’m trying to do 1to1 remake. I mean maybe I can scale everything up, but it will take too much time to figure it out, test, etc. Right now I just want to finish things I’m started.

And about scripting. Yesterday I watched a video with door scripting. Nothing crazy, kinda known trick from halo 5, when you placing parent objects with normal physics between objects with phased physics, and group them with anything, door or whatever, so they kinda locked inside and can move freely, but the problem is we don’t have special invisible pillars like 343 added to H5 at some point, so in Infinite this trick is very glitchy as it was in H5 at forge launch and can crash your game.
The second problem idk why, but I can’t even replicate his door script because nodes in his video works kinda different.
So I believe until 343 will not add some tools for spinning like in halo 5, my mill will not spin :pensive:

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Oh and one more thing. Yesterday I tried to make that two windows you can close on base. In halo 5 that was kinda easy it works pretty well without scripting, you just need some object as a window grouped with cables that placed inside small pipes so everything can move and you got your window you can interact with. The bridge worked the same way
In infinite there are no small pipes and spheres trick doesn’t work well even with a small objects such as window, object you want to be a window.
So now I’m guessing what is waiting me with a bridge that way bigger than windows.
I’ll try to find some objects, not spheres to make that work, but still not sure.
OK by now I found the best solution I believe to make at least windows. Duck tape and screwdrivers.
But it still glitchy and crashed my game a couple of times. At least now windows can move smoothly. And the best thing about it that objects are very small so you can hide them. I think now I need to try it with a bridge.

Yeah for sure, I like the reminiscence of the 1to1 remakes. I’m speaking as well to every forger out there cuz many different versions of these maps are being made at the same time. There’s like 3 different Valhalla’s, and coagulations, including the almost perfect 1to1 remakes

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Maybe we should make a thread asking for special things to be added to forge, cuz it seems 343 can update forge better and quicker than regular multiplayer. I just hope they see what we post. I believe they are paying attention. Halo YouTubers have stated that 343 can modify forge engine more efficiently than normal multiplayer despite all the bugs. This winter update might help on some of many peoples issues. But yeah we should make a thread asking for special things to be added to forge, cuz they are here to make it for us

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I’ve done a near 1:1 Remake of Plaza with some extra bits and tuned to Infinites sandbox a bit more. Have over 1000 plays on it now and works well with Slayer, CTF, Strongholds, Oddball and Attrition. Having a glitch with KOTH where I can’t see the zones so it’s scuffed.
Also have a fully working Nav mesh so can be played with bots. The spawns are mapped to H5 and used HCS settings for weapons.
Most of the Skill jumps from H5 have been added and some new ones added to compensate for loss of spring jump and stabilise.
Would love for you guys to check it out. Gonna try coliseum soon