Halo Infinite Forge/Map editor

Is it plausible to have a traditional forge along with a more sophisticated level editor? One where you can get really in depth with programming ai effects and events? Like in Doom’s Snap Map or Crytek’s first Crysis level editor?

This new engine could open up a wealth of fun new content creation on the new Xbox and pc.

Reach had a good map editor. It wasn’t perfect as it didn’t have an undo setting so if you accidentally deleted something you end up losing hours of work. I did wish we had another canvas map for it like a snow theme map with sidewinder/avalanche and containment map areas, and maybe a UNSC city map with Headlong, Terminal, and Turf areas.

While a much more complicated and massive forge are practically guaranteed, I’m not sure about a more traditional easier to use option will exist.

I hope there is though. My friends and I always had fun just goofing around and having fun making whatever we could quickly.