Halo infinite flight

The leveling system is too fast easy to get to max level.
There was know gander for male and female only male :roll_eyes: shows 3 different body types
1 is normal body and the other is skinny and the 3rd is muscular I think people will not like that :thinking:
And I notice the A.i are copying players movement and how they played
Making it like you are fighting yourself.
Some weapons have do less damage to players or bots Some are over kill like the gravity hammer
There was bug when you shut the spanker rocket launcher it shuts two rockets at one’s
And the problem is you can’t customize your colours its already made for you and I know player will not like it to be honest
It more like shaders from Destiny.
And there no names for voice type for you spartan for male or female.
I think it not ok to have emblems only on halowaypoint
same for spartan voice And the name plate is only 4 letters long I can’t put my name plate as perfect
And you can’t customize my emblems like in halo reach
there’s good things about the game feels like classic halo and classic halo music :+1:
Armor looks good too👍
The weapons are good but I wish I get to try out some vehicles
But owell it’s just a taste of it.