Halo infinite flight

how do I get halo infinite beta on Xbox?

you need to have been invited through an email sent to your flighting account, you’ll be able to get the flight on the night of sep 23

Have a watch over this video and made sure your Insider profile is correctly up to date:

If that information is all fine and you had it all updated and confirmed by the 13th of this month then it’s just a case of waiting for the pre-selection email to arrive.
Depending on your email provider the pre-selection emails can be quite delayed and/or turn up in strange folders. If you Use gmail or outlook, check your other folders [focused/non-focused]/inbox/junk to see if it’s hiding somewhere.

If your Insider profile wasn’t correctly registered by the 13th you won’t be able to join into this weekend’s flight, but potentially can get an invite to the following weekend’s BTB flight. More details about that will come out in the next few days. Just make sure to follow the video above and get yourself correctly opted in.