Halo Infinite Flight Thoughts/impression so far

So I was able to get into the preview finally and I can finally give some thoughts after playing awhile. Let me tell what I think so far. I’m playing on PC.

  • The framerate doesn’t seem too stay consistent no matter what I do. It does not matter what graphics settings I play on, it very rarely hits or exceeds 60 fps. I’m assuming this is an optimization issue. I’m running an Nvidia Geforce RTX 2060 Super. The menu itself seems to fail to keep 60 fps, even falling below 30 at times, one notable moment was on the customization screen at certain points when customizing my spartan. Framerate may not matter as much in the menu but I’m including that detail as some may care. - The bots appear to be good enough to punish you if you make a mistake on Marine difficulty, which tells me potentially how much of a challenge they may be on higher difficulties. - The bot behavior as I’m writing this can be quite weird as they consistently take one path at the start of the match, and never divert from it. I’ll be heading to a weapon pick up and all 4 of them are right outside. One time all 4 of them threw grenades at me, and that was not a fun moment. Their pathing needs to be more diversified as this can make them kind of predictable. I’ve seen moments where they’ll sometimes stay in one place after killing another player for a few seconds, and I’ve seen them take some weird movements which made it slightly harder to shoot, I don’t know if that’s intentional. With some tweaking, the bots can definitely put up a consistent challenge. - Most of the weapons are actually fun to use. The AR is actually useful now, the pistol can still get kills however it’s not as OP as 5, the BR I’d say is back to the way it’s supposed to be, and the Commando is really fun to use. The sniper is still as deadly in the right hands and the new skewer is just as deadly assuming you can hit your shots. The shotgun can be fun to use if you know how to use it (at optimal range, it can kill at 2 shots) but the pulse rifle for me is disappointing. - As I’m writing this, there’s only one map that I’ve been able to play, which is disappointing as I know it was said that there were two other maps. I’m assuming they’ll be available later in the flight? - The weapon drills are a great way to test and get more familiar with the weapons in the game, not to mention I’ve found some enjoyment going in and trying to beat my scores. They have the rocket launcher (I think it’s SPNKR or something like that) that I have not seen in gameplay yet outside of weapon drills.
    That’s about all I feel like sharing, feel free to discuss it and maybe add your own thoughts.

Yeah other two maps are coming later one should be today/tomorrow depending on your time zone.