HALO Infinite flight technical preview Xbox Series

A lot of maps had a lot of problems with the music not playing the Bots we’re just spawning on each other from the start there’s no blood in it I was kind of hoping for blood splatters it glitches when you throw a grenade it doesn’t kill them like it’s supposed to it as a lag in the game plus it kept on saying error connection and when you about to load into the map it kicks you out and put u back on the home screen I did not see not gravity hook and did not see no way to change the clan tag and Bazaar map had alot of problems with the music not playing all you hear is sound effects. The Academy had lots of lag into it then the bots were on each together butts the whole time. Like to see in the future blood splatters and assassination.

didn’t have as many problems but i did notice a lot of lag in the menus and the training area. Also assassinations need to be fixed

I hope the put in assassination and blood in the game