Halo Infinite Flight - My thoughts PC & Series X/S

The Flight has been quite enjoyable… once everything started to function as intended.
The first night of the Flight was a nightmare due to Technical Diffculites on 343’s side of things. I will not be using that to criticize what I have played so far.
I’ll be as detailed as I can when it comes to my overall thoughts so far for all of the platforms. (except Xbox one)


  • Quite impressed with the overall detail of the game on all platforms. - Very impressed and surprised with how things looked on the Series S most of all. - Needler needs a little more texture and color to make the needles really pop when fired - *PC Visual Settings felt like they were limited or not working 100%. I have a 3070fe and switched everything to Ultra and everything looked the same as Low.*Gameplay

  • Both Series X/S felt like a pretty flawless experience most of the time in terms of overall FPS. - PC FPS and Optimization needs A LOT of work. Not matter what settings I used, my FPS never touched 60fps on my PC. Processor - Ryzen 7 2700x set to 4.2 GPU - 3070 fe. I found myself leaning towards both my Xbox Series consoles over my Expensive Gaming PC… that should not be the case. I was expecting similar performance when it came to my PC vs Series X but when I was seeing a smoother experience on the $299 Series S… yeah that needs to be address ASAP. - Worst feeling weapon of the Flight was the “Commando”. The overall recoil and rate of fire are very unforgiving when it comes to hitting a target. Most of the time I played I found it always available to grab which lead me to believe players were passing on it. If this weapon is supposed to be the Alternative to the BR then it needs Adjusting. - 2nd Worst Weapon of the flight was the “Plasma Pistol”. The Charge shot needs more of a homing effect when fired. Missed most of the time I tried using it. Make it more like Halo 3’s version. Sound

  • There a few Sound Bugs that accured when changing settings during a game ie. Audio sounding like you are underwater. - Sound Design is VERY Impressive. If I would change the sound effect of one weapon it would be the Plasma Pistol. It doesn’t have that “Alien” feeling to the sound.