Halo Infinite Flight Feedback

Assualt Rifle- Gun over performing at long distance, probably fixable with slight tweak to damage falloff or bullet spread
Battle Rifle- While ads the gun seems to have an inconsistent feel in velocity and spread
Sidekick- Gun outshines others, and seems to have a decreased rate of fire on consoles compared to pc, might have to do with trigger pull compared to mouse click
Commando- Easily the best gun in the play test, seems slightly stiff on controller but this also might have to do with analog inputs compared to mouse
Burst Carbine- Tracing on rounds inconsistency is frustrating outside of mid range combat and either needs better tracking or more rounds per charge
Sniper- Zoom seems to be disorienting for some reason, not sure how to address
Heatwave- Unless the gun is being used in close range it is too random in both accuracy and damage
Skewer- Much like the sniper the gun seems disoriented in zoom but with the larger rounds is much easier to hit the target, would suggest a slightly faster reload, but nothing more than like a quarter second decrease
Frags- Decrease fuse and bounce, can be easily abused otherwise, especially without an indicator
Dropwall- The deployment time after hitting the ground is just a tad slow and makes the equipment almost pointless without some serious foresight
Spartan Chatter- While this definitely adds some flavor and makes the matches feel more alive, why have a line of “Enemies on me,” this adds nothing at all and doesn’t give the player any real information
Bots- Welcome addition, but they just seem to exploit some systems, and don’t seem to have much margin of error in terms of accuracy
Maps- The maps seems a little too small at times with not much variety, Bazaar is supposed to be a city scape but is a mirrored, Recharge has verticality but only on the two sides with one having more advantageous sight lines, and Live Fire is essentially three lanes on conflict with nothing else which could lead to easy map control
Radar- Walking shouldn’t make you invisible on radar when it’s barely slower than sprinting, would recommend changes in range so that sprint is picked up from further away while walking in detected at closer ranges
Teammates- Should have clearer indications of teammates to reduce confusion, suggest slightly bolder outlines and clear nametags