Halo Infinite feels like being stuck in a bad relationship

Nothing fills the halo 2 void nothing ever will

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I know, even 3 can’t. That’s just the way it is sadly.

I mean unless you’re Marathon Guy in Infinity and can jump timelines, but that’s not the case.

To continue the comparison - when I see people asking for Bungie to take over the game again, it feels like they’re begging an ex to take them back after a decade when they’ve clearly moved on and grown.


Having tried Destiny 2 recently due to the Bungie 30th stuff they gave for free on Epic that gave me the Security Helmet and just seeing the game… flourishing, seeing it has the opposite problem of Infinite where there’s too much to do and everything from past updates is available for purchase…

Yeah, it fits too well. It’s still not Halo at all, so I will still play Halo, but I’m gonna be on Destiny 2 seeing what Bungie’s been up to because as much as I love Infinite, playing that game literally just made me angry at Infinite seeing them do things Infinite has promised but better. And more fun to boot.

So now my general gaming route is MCC, Destiny 2, and Infinite when there’s freebies to be earned or something worth while to come back to.

Seriously, in that game if you earn a coating, you can put it on your character and your weapon and your vehicles and you can put different coatings on different armor pieces. Literally everything we thought Infinite would have is old hat over there even if it has its own problems.