Halo Infinite feels like being stuck in a bad relationship

I sincerely enjoy playing it, I got my Spartan how I like more or less at least so cross core won’t be an issue when it’s added in full, I enjoy the campaign and want more.

But just… WOW. Like I have said dumb things or things people disagree with, but can we at least agree “emerging from our cocoon” should not be used as a prelude to cutting a feature and delaying an entire season by 4 months in a content starved game?

We’ll be patient happily so long as we’re kept in the loop. Which we’re not, and if the game wasn’t having issues it wouldn’t matter- but unfortunately there are issues, hence the problem.

Like… Imma keep playing Infinite, I still enjoy it, but they should have at least bit the bullet and given us the bad news up front instead of keeping us in the dark until the literal last minute.

And seriously, we can worry about competitive play after desync is fixed up first and foremost.

What a mess this all was, the mood whiplash is dizzying.


Mixed feelings about the comparison but it has some painful similarities…

As you I kind of completed my Spartan season 1 with the MKVII helmet, the nornfang coating and even some knives (guess I could still find some shoulders in the future though).

Most of the time I’m quite in sync with the game playing BTB, fiesta and land grab with friends and the occasional game of ranked/rumble pit alone.
However you do feel pushed and restricted most of the time in your actions. Want to be rewarded? Play this game type. Getting comfortable? Here’s some SBMM to put you back in your place.

And meanwhile knowing that what I really want is to have that freedom once again to create my own gametypes/maps to hang out with friends but Infinite won’t let me.

Luckily it’s still a fresh relationship in which you know it will improve in time so just don’t rush things and spread your time between all the good things in life :wink:


And that’s honestly why I don’t play it.

The only way for things to be properly fixed, is to give incentive for the publisher/dev to fix it. And, the only way to do that is to not play the game.

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I get what you’re saying, but from experience not every bad relationship gets better. Sometimes they stay the same, and that stagnancy and knowing it won’t get better is soul crushing.

I don’t know that this will be the case with Infinite, I’m still gonna wait and see. But waiting it out to see what happens is literally this entire game.

Honestly I get that, I’m still playing it because it’s literally the first Halo game I ever played at launch (played the rest but on MCC long after launch) so I have a weird attachment to it. But yeah, if nothing else I hope it gets fixed up enough for you to feel like it’s good to join us- and for me to feel like I’m playing a game and not a DMV simulator with scifi guns

Come to mcc where you don’t have to worry about inifnite. We bungie halo purists will welcome you with open arms.


Gotta get out of bad relationships. AKA just don’t support toxic companies like 343i, they’ve been given enough chances.


I’m no Bungie purist, I feel like new ideas should have been coming in from outside influences. But Microsoft only wanted people with zero history with Halo, when they should have looked for people who would have been excited to work on it.

So unfortunately this comment has weight to it. MCC has literally none of these problems for the most part, the literal only thing I want is for them to keep patching the graphics of older games to look closer to their legacy counterparts.

But I like the Infinite equipment, I like having a multiplayer Spartan that actually is all black instead of the closest to black they’ll let us be, I like having sprint and clamber as options without it derailing the experience as a Halo game. I like seeing the story move forward, I like the Pilot and the Weapon as characters, I like that we got actual legit bossfights, I like The Banished as a villain even if I miss the zealotry of The Covenant, and I wanna know what’s up with The Endless.

So even if I’m definitely gonna use MCC as a (VERY MUCH NEEDED) pallete cleanser in between, I’m still gonna be on Infinite whether 343i wants casual players like me or not.

Plus MCC may get tricky later, I’m planning a Marathon… err, marathon when my game cue clears up

I gave up on 343 halos a long time ago. I don’t have reach or 4 installed :slight_smile: never will. Havnt touched infinite since December and this roadmap is another concrete reason why I’m never coming back to it. Deep down you know 343 halos are inferior products

Reach was still Bungie, it was their last hurrah. Like yeah 343 was there but it was still Bungie, I’d at least say try that one. Yeah skip 4, but Reach was their swan song with Halo.

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Reach was where the dog crap ideas like loadouts and bloom and armor ability’s like armor lock or jet pack came to be. Reach killed competitive halo. Reach was the beginning of the end.

Competitive Halo needed to die- cuz look where we are now. Make the game fun first, then make competitive modes separately. Like Halo 3. Or heck, like Smash bros. These are games meant to be fun first. That’s one of the problems with 343i- they think Halo should be competitive first. Bungie was more interested in having a party shooter with a fun sandbox and an epic story.

Halo 2 and 3 had a good balance. Reach 4 were casuals and baby’s first halo. 5 and infinite is the other way around. When reach came around I stuck around for a bit but went back to h3 for the most part. I was only on h3 since h2 was shut down in 09.

Dude. I’M a casual. And Infinite is too damn sweaty and far worse at it than Halo 3- which was SUPER CASUAL FRIENDLY.

Like yeah you can be competitive and it was great for that too, but it was just as great for casual players like me.

So casual gamers are not the problem here and never were- the managment at 343i however seem to be.

Or maybe it isn’t, THEY WON’T TELL US WHAT THE ISSUE IS. They just tell us to wait.

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And Im done waiting. Im tired of half -Yoink!- releases. You should move on from this trash let your pride go. Go to the working halo mcc. Im a hardcore fan and I like a blend of casual and competitive.

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That’s totally fair. But the sad truth is I’m a new fan. And as such, it is my responsibility to see this through. Maybe it’ll end well, maybe it will keep being a dumpster fire.

But it’s not pride anymore. I was never there during the rise of Bungie’s Halo, but I can at least document its downfall in what feels like the endtimes.

Plus let’s face it- even Microsoft understands nostalgia. So the franchise will always come back some way or another even if 343i gets the boot and Infinite goes under. It’s just a matter of time before they find themselves starting back.

If they released a new halo tomorrow would I pay for it blindly or even on day one. Hell no, I don’t want to give 343 a penny they havnt given me a reason to. Being a new fan doesn’t excuse tolerating crap

I didn’t pay blindly, I followed development and I got MCC out of hype for it. And I experienced OG Halo in preperation for it not merely once but 3 times- and that was before Infinite launched and I played them all another 2 times.

I play plenty of MCC. Here’s the problem tho- they’re great games, but they’re not getting any story content and most of the new content is cosmetics, some cool and some VERY wonky.

At the end of the day tho, it’s just the same games over and over repeating ad infinitum. So if I want something new, my choices are as follows-

A- Play Splitgate.

B- Play Destiny, which is at least made by Bungie but has its own problems unique to it.

C- Play Halo Infinite which I already own and already have enough cosmetics to not need to buy new ones, especially since the Mark V [B] will be free.

With any of those options I’d still play MCC on the side, but I’m still gonna crave something new that feels similar.

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As much as I hate to say this I would rather play call of duty. Coming from me a og halo fan I’ve had my account since 2005. Played halo with friends before offline long before than. I mainly play wow, mcc, or cod4 remastered. You know someone’s faith is low when I’m playing a bunch of other things


I feel that, I hop around often. Usually between Monster Hunter or Guilty Gear or Metroid or whatever’s caught my attention.

But sadly nothing plays like Halo, even 343’s worst plays more like Halo than anything else.