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  1. The announcer tells you when you loose the lead, but not when you gain the lead. This is demotivating. The announcer should tell you when you gain the lead to create positive thinking. (FFA Slayer matchups)
  2. The announcer says “defeat” at the end of every match you don’t score 1st place in. This is depressing especially when paired with that depressing sountrack. Many people don’t consider getting 3rd or 2nd place a loss. Have the announcer say either nothing or “game over” when you lose to create more positive thinking. Coming from a fellow producer, I truly feel the music producer who made the soundtrack that plays at the end of FFA games completely dropped the ball by creating a dark doom and gloomy soundtrack. It really makes me depressed even when I’m happy hearing “defeat” then having to listen to that gloomy and eery soundtrack. (FFA Slayer matchups)
  3. The MiniMap coverage is too small. The second we see an enemy on the mini map, we are encountering that player .5 seconds later if we were both running towards each other. As a result, it’s not nearly as useful as prior Halo releases. Increase
  4. Were 1v1 matchups omitted? I haven’t been able to find it yet in multiplayer. Players should be able to choose between 1v1, 2v2, 4v4, 8 FFA, and so on
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r u 343i or not that’s my question. you say it like u are in the second sentence but ur account says otherwise

Remove (Team) Slayer from Quick Playlist since it has its own dedicated Playlist. I could just go to that playlist if i wanted to play that mode,

Meanwhile, for CTF/Strongholds/etc, i need to launch QP and hope i get one of those game modes. Each time i launch QP and i get Slayer i am forced to quit out to the main menu and try again. No good.

FFA Slayer won’t launch with a fireteam/party of 2+ players. This is preventing me and my friends from switching from MCC to Infinite. I’ve never seen anybody team up in FFA Slayer over the last 3 years so that’s definitely not something that should be considered. Halo 1, 2, 3, and 4 allows people in a party to play FFA slayer in MCC so this must be a bug. There are no non-team game types for players in a fireteam to play, so this is definitely a problem Infinite is facing.

Me and my friends just put this “teaming up” concept to the test. We had a party of 7 and we joined an 8 player FFA game. We all teamed up against 1 guy and that 1 guy ended up winning. Why? Because he had 7 people to shoot at and we only had 1 to shoot at, so he had the advantage by NOT being on a team. Therefore, since teaming up does not give you an advantage and since nobody teams up in FFA to begin with, a party/fireteam of 2+ players should be allowed to play FFA slayer.