Halo infinite feedback

I just want it to play like modern warfare in space. Modern warfare nailed the movements. Run, sprint, kneel, lay, crawl, slide and mount. These are things people have the ability to do in real life. It should be in gameplay. I don’t like permanent target/reticle on screen its for noobs. A hardcore mode with no hud for advanced players would be dope. Loadouts would be godly. Slides should feel fluid not clunky and useless. I shouldn’t have to shoot you with a million bullets to put you down 1 or 2 headshots 3 body or limb shots. I don’t care what people say I should be able to run and if I gotta go on foot I should be able to double click to have a slight speed burst. People who don’t like tactical sprint are noobs. I felt so behind in the matches most of the time while the fight was all the way on the other side of the map and I basically had to speed walk to that side then when I finally get there the battles over and the fights somewhere else gotta speed walk there now.

I recommend you find another franchise as this is not what Halo is and you should not expect that this is what it will become.

If you have actual actionable, constructive, feedback you may leave it in the proper feedback threads but this is neither of those and does not need to be copied over.