Halo Infinite FeedBack spot for 343 to look through Officially

So I don’t know if 343 has a forum section for dropping your halo infinite Feedback. So I figure to make one. So I know everyone has feedback to make this game better. So Please drop your feedback here on what your feedback is for halo infinite whether if it the XP system, Battle pass, customization, gameplay wise etc. But any bugs, error or crashes please post it in halo support.

Make sure you read the known issues first. If you don’t see it then go to the bottom to submit a ticket bout your bug, crash or error.

Otherwise please send in your Feedback as detail as possible and describe your feedback in good manners. Alrighty well I hope infinite gets better over time as 343 does want feedback and I feel like they need one official forum post to see all the Feedback instead of going to hundreds of posts all over forum.