Halo Infinite - Feedback on Xbox One S, Series X

Halo Infinite first flight (July 29 - August 2) Issues
I would like to point some issues that I noticed while playing last weekend on Halo Infinite flight and if anyone did have them it would be great to see it or any other issues to contribute the development feedback for future flights.


  • Mantle and slide make you see across your body. - High FOV make you to also see your own body model. - Menu flickering on settings and navigating. - Pop up and low-quality models in some areas of the academy and multiplayer maps. - Scoreboard getting in screen and cannot get it off, solved by opening in-game chat and after that HUD disappears. - Fireteam menu popping off and on multiple times. - Light Issues on the academy map.

  • Low fps sometimes on the academy. - Challenges and battle pass not loading. - Not matchmaking, and when matchmade kicked out to lobby when the map loads. - When finishing match connection lost screen. - Pending on Xbox insider app on console.


  • Customizing armor, AI, body, weapon coatings, etc. not saving after equipping. - Store menu not loading images.